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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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The plainest and scruffiest MDF shelves and old scratched metal cabinets can be transformed with a lick of paint and a decoupage session.
Joe Bones was supposed to be the scruffiest soldier in the British Army nicknamed the 'human fly'.
For her birthday, the princess who could have anything chooses the dirtiest, scruffiest pig in the kingdom, a pig named Lollipop.
VERSATILE Danny Spencer scored what he described as 'one of the scruffiest goals of my career' but it could prove crucial in Boro's promotion bid.
I have had letting agents not turn up to or cancel three out of four of the appointments you make only to try and palm you off with the smallest, scruffiest alternative they can find to appease you, the list goes on.
Knightley always wears her scruffiest clothes when out and about in a bid to go unnoticed, and avoids showbiz parties to maintain her low profile, but the 25-year-old fears her tactics aren't working.
And honest hitman Daly confessed that his early opener - courtesy of a horrorerrorbyFirParkkeeperMichael Fraser - will live with him forever as it's the scruffiest goal he's scored.
I'm eight years old, the dirtiest, ugliest, scruffiest kid in the class.
SNP MSP Christopher Harvie blamed which sportswear billionaire for making young Scots the scruffiest people in Europe by selling them shell suits?
O'Neill is, without doubt, the scruffiest manager to be seen at Premier League matches.
Few would dispute that this contest with Reading was one of the scruffiest seen at Goodison Park all year and Moyes let his players know in the dressing room afterwards that he expects to see much more from them.
The fired-up Dragons were in the ascendancy and within a minute, Jones scored probably the scruffiest goal of his career
Loren Marsh's "Mission" could be the scruffiest movie ever shot in scope aspect ratio.
With a guitar style defined by an edgy and eclectic harmonic approach and a loose, playful attitude, Ribot formed Los Cubanos Postizos 3 1/2 years ago, drawing praise from Jazziz magazine for ``some of the scruffiest, most deliciously different Cuban music you're likely to hear.