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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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In all honesty, David Moyes's ragged team never played much better than they had during the preceding run of seven winless matches, but when the number in the games played column is nearing your points tally, nobody really cares if the performance is scruffier than a letter from Gordon Brown.
Russian bases are visibly scruffier, but the fighters that fly from them have screens and bypasses to keep debris out of their engines.
A few of us disgorged from a stuffy, rattling van into a village far smaller and scruffier than I'd expected from the only surviving outpost of the descendants of Colombia's escaped African captives, and the home of a rapidly vanishing language.
They look scruffier than the males, having a small crest on the back of the head.
The nice thing is that Vivaldi is a much scruffier composer than someone like Bach, who is much more organized," he said.
Aside from parts of Penn's performance as Willie Stark, which is an audiovisual universe unto itself, and the wise decision to actually shoot the picture in Louisiana (Robert Rossen filmed his likably scruffier version in California), there's not enough to look at here, and even less to get emotionally or intellectually invested in.
The burst of free enterprise in Moscow has triggered 'working-part' kiosks downtown, so the 'ok guv, just moving on' aspect is reflected in the wheels and flaps and smart paint, whereas in scruffier patches of land, little villages of huts selling vegetables or ice-cream look as if they're set to become the next generation's barriadas.
Their haunts express in full their downward cultural aspiration, and they are careful to appear scruffier than anyone would who put on normal clothes, while being also careful to distinguish themselves socially from the packs of lower-class youths who roam the streets in the tribal costume of the American ghetto underclass.
Well, he couldn't look any scruffier, not even after weeks without a clean shirt.
A scruffier place (according to Jonson in the induction to Bartholomew Fair), the Hope, cost [pounds sterling]360 in 1613, and that sum included accommodation for animals.
Damon is often compared to the mighty Samson because of his flowing mane of hair, and personal propensity toward beards - the more rugged and scruffier the better
To be fair, most of the people at our table belong to Out Spokin', a group of Colorado road bikers in town to participate in Moab's annual Skinny Tire Festival, but I'm here escorting a trip built around the region's real claim to fame: mountain biking--road biking's scruffier, fat-tired cousin.
19) The mythological "real boy" was also Caucasian if a little scruffier and apt to be from less privileged origins.
Even the scruffier, more threatening-looking killers like the one-eyed Henry Lee Lucas, whose since-debunked claims to hundreds of victims were accepted uncritically in Murder: No Apparent Motive and only grudingly downscaled in 1995's The Serial Killers to a hundred victims, are typically depicted as unnoticeable vagrants whose very mobility makes them impossible to pin down.