scrub down

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scrub someone or something down

to clean someone or something thoroughly by rubbing. The mother scrubbed the baby down gently and put lotion on her. Please scrub down this floor.
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Spring is in full swing, which means many Americans are ready to dust off their furniture, mop their floors and scrub down their sinks, stoves, countertops and more.
I try to change it every few days and give the trays a good scrub down.
We scrub down and sanitize the winery at the beginning of the season," winemaker Eric Baugher explains.
Public officials have organized efforts to scrub down buildings and bulldoze the top layers of soil from playgrounds and parks where radioactive particles rained down.
I floated in the salty water, gave myself a body scrub down in mineral rich mud and then walked across the road and rinsed off in the Black Sea .
washer and clean your patio or scrub down and treat your decking.
The sisters have to be prepared to scrub down the bloodspattered walls of bathrooms, cope with the stink of decomposed remains and the disgusting debris of sad and lonely lives.
However it is the White Elephant that will be the star of the show today ( after a hasty repair job and a quick scrub down.
The director and I were given some very effective EMI--we had to scrub down the Buddha before driving it back to the hangar.
Plastic, of course, picks up static charge, so the farm field dust clung to the construction so tightly, officials had to contract with a cleaning surface to scrub down the domes.
2] Ronald Tenorio supervises Sailors performing a flight deck scrub down aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).
Steve is successful, physically fit and a phobic slut, his frequent encounters mainly conducted in showers where he can neurotically scrub down partners while screwing them.
This is the pub I've always wanted, '' enthuses Robby, who only got the keys on December 1 and spent the subsequent 36 hours with his business partner Eunice giving it a good scrub down.
Officials will test the powder for poison and scrub down the entire facility.