scrub away

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scrub something away

to clean something away by rubbing. See if you can scrub that rust away. Scrub away that rust if you can.
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or attempt to scrub away the gloopy, black meaty grease, distilled from the dark souls of a thousand burgers.
The facial begins with cleansing and exfoliation to scrub away dead skin whilst the cold stone massage naturally restores skin's collagen.
A two-in-one product designed to quickly remove nail polish, Twister features a sponge that eliminates the need for cotton balls and a bristle brush to scrub away stubborn polish.
A non-greasy formula containing menthol helps keep skin feeling clean and refreshed, while working to scrub away potentially pore-clogging dead skin flakes, excessive oil, and surface dirt.
Scrub away rust with a solution of water and scouring powder, NSN 7930-01-294-1116.
The is being done to scrub away any terrestrial contaminants, such as fine layers of oil that may have settled on the instrument after leaving NASA's clean rooms, before the scoop is used to deposit samples into the rover's on-board chemistry laboratories.
CLEAN-UP A worker attempts to scrub away the graffiti outside the stadium which appeared overnight
Remove any arrows still in the carcass, and scrub away all visible blood with water and paper towels.
The Coconut Scrub, which features white jojoba beads that gently scrub away unwanted rough skin from anywhere on the body, is formulated with pomegranate, passion flower and coconut extracts.
10 THIS Aromatherapy Distillations Floral Body Smoother, from Crabtree & Evelyn (pounds 16), will scrub away the most stubborn lumps and bumps.
Besides identifying structural problems such as cracked masonry and broken flue tiles, Weber said professionals will scrub away flammable creosote deposits that build up and sometimes lead to chimney fires.
Elisa Mello, a cosmetic and restorative dentist based in New York, suggests the following foods to help scrub away stains and brighten teeth.
GRAFFITI artist Eric Grohe woz 'ere - but you won't find any council cleaners trying to scrub away his colourful creations.