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flip the script

1. tv. to lie; to change one’s story. The guy flips the script depending on whose listening.
2. tv. to reverse positions in a situation; to turn the tables on someone. Now he’s the one who’s in trouble! That’s really flipping the script!
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n. a note; any piece of paper with a written message. (Underworld.) Make him sign this script before you let him in on the deal.


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FastTrack Scripting Host (FSH) offers a powerful and simple to use alternative to languages such as Powershell.
com aims to be the leading scripting resource on the Web.
Based on the concept that most System and Network Administrators aren't programmers, nor do they want to be, FastTrack Scripting Host is a pseudo-language that allows users to execute one script line to perform one operation.
The AppleScript Scripter's Kit includes an enhanced version of Apple's scripting language, AppleScript 1.
In this recent survey of more than 400 developers, respondents ranked twelve different scripting languages, including Ruby, ASP.
In Windows PowerShell[TM]:TFM, renowned scripting authors Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks teach Windows PowerShell software from the ground up, using a casual writing style that is approachable for both beginning and experienced Windows administrators.
Powerful new scripting capabilities will allow for automation and extensibility.
The iOpus iMacros product suite includes the Power Surfer Edition, PRO Edition, and Scripting Edition.
PowerShell is Microsoft's first recognition of the value of administrative scripting and automation, providing Windows administrators with a consistent, powerful way to automate Windows and other Microsoft server products, such as Exchange Server," says Don Jones, Director of Projects and Services at SAPIEN.
Over time, people will realize that when it comes to finding out all there is to know about scripting and scripting technologies, the SAPIEN Press TFM series will be recognized as the definitive authority on the topic," said Jonathan Hooten, SAPIEN's Director of Sales and Marketing.
developers of the PrimalScript(TM) line of award-winning Universal Scripting Environments (USE), announced today they are ready to interview authors and start publishing books under their new division, SAPIEN Press(TM).
developers of PrimalScript, the multi award-winning Universal Scripting Environment (USE), released today for sale PrimalScript 4.
Hammer CallMaster is a robust software solution that runs on top of Empirix's Hammer test systems to enable users to quickly and easily create test scenarios using a visual scripting interface.
Available as a standalone software application or as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 2 software, InDesign CS2 continues to demonstrate technology leadership with its extensive new XML import features, enhanced scripting model and support for transparent document exchange through INX.
developers of PrimalScript, a multi award-winning Universal Scripting Environment (USE), announced today that they will be unveiling the new features of PrimalScript version 4.