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scribble away (at something)

to write hard and fast at some task. He scribbled away at his notes as the lecturer droned on. Jane sat in the library scribbling away.
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scribble something down

to write something down fast and not too neatly. He scribbled the figure down and raced for the telephone. Liz scribbled down the telephone number.
See also: down, scribble

scribble down

To write something quickly without paying attention to readability or style: She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down the address that I told her. He scribbled a number down on his notepad.
See also: down, scribble
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You can try your hand at mad science experiments, explore the universe in the Starlab planetarium and enjoy a Scribbly Arts craft session.
Cameron, who changed the party's logo from a blazing Thatcherite torch to a scribbly oak tree, will tomorrow deliver the keynote speech at the annual Green Alliance debate.
It could all so easily fall apart and become messy, but Jones holds it together and much of the tension comes from the way she edges towards that tipping point - where it could all get too scribbly, too casual - but stays just this side of it.
ARTISTIC: Jane Gaunt of Scribbly Artz, with Hayley Graham and Grace Hardy, left, and Sarah, left, and Lucy Harbron at the graffiti art workshop, below Pictures by PETER REIMANN
The event, held at Arlington Park and Bowesfield Primary School, featured football, badminton, tennis, bowls, caricatures created by local artists Scribbly Artz, inflatables supplied by AR Entertainments, and more.
A week today you can join Scribbly Artz to make things connected with Indian culture from 1-3pm.
Join Scribbly Art in making crafty things with a Christmas theme from 10am-noon.
I LOVED doing Scribbly art so that means doing pop up spiders and putting sticky backplastic on the tube".
Meanwhile in Reception, Sophie and Oliver said: "We put sticky paper on frogs and a party blower with Scribbly Arts.
There will be a lot of agencies going to be there ranging from the fire brigade, local police, St John's Ambulance, STASH, Tees Active, Stockton Council Youth Bus, the PCT, Scribbly Arts and Brooke.
Darren Cairns and Jane Gaunt of North-eastern creative arts team Scribbly Artz then set about designing and creating the artwork.
Scribbly Artz, run by art and craft enthusiasts Darren Cairns, 41, and Jane Gaunt, 37, has just completed a mural in Flatts Lane, Normanby, with an environmental theme.
Under a new banner - Scribbly Artz - they carried on delivering arts and crafts workshops to Teesside youngsters even after the rest of the staff of the Middlesbrough-based Teesside Play and Education Resource Centre - PERCY - were laid off and the centre's equipment was sold in March.