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scribble away (at something)

to write hard and fast at some task. He scribbled away at his notes as the lecturer droned on. Jane sat in the library scribbling away.
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scribble something down

to write something down fast and not too neatly. He scribbled the figure down and raced for the telephone. Liz scribbled down the telephone number.
See also: down, scribble

scribble down

To write something quickly without paying attention to readability or style: She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down the address that I told her. He scribbled a number down on his notepad.
See also: down, scribble
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SEA HERE: Tutor Heidi Lowes, above left, and parents with Dezzy, above far right, from Scribbly Arts.
SOMETIMES I GET ALL SCRIBBLY Living with Attention Deficit/ Hyper-activity Disorder MAUREEN BISSEN NEUVlLLE Clinical, educational and emotional information from the point of view of a parent.
But independent of Bilbo's subject matter is a certain neurotic pleasure he seems to have taken in the process of filling in the space with scribbly marks.
Betty was looking through Kieran's pictures by now, and at the exercise book and the scribbly poems, including the one about putting up the nesting boxes for the birds.
This was followed by a day of crafts, games and fun, all based around themes and characters from the book, before Scribbly Arts artist, Dezzy, taught the children all about comic art.
Cameron, who changed the party's logo from a blazing Thatcherite torch to a scribbly oak tree, will tomorrow deliver the keynote speech at the annual Green Alliance debate.
For a quarter century, Pierre Bismuth has inventively corrupted Conceptualism's systems thinking with chance, worldliness, and wit--see Things I remember I've done, but don't remember why I did them, 1998, the collection of drawings, objects, films, and photographs he exhibited after he had finally forgotten the rationale behind them, or his series of scribbly abstractions derived from the movement of actresses' hands throughout a movie, "Following the right hand of," 2009-.
Some had been crossed out a lot and were pretty scribbly to start with.
You can try your hand at mad science experiments, explore the universe in the Starlab planetarium and enjoy a Scribbly Arts craft session.
It could all so easily fall apart and become messy, but Jones holds it together and much of the tension comes from the way she edges towards that tipping point - where it could all get too scribbly, too casual - but stays just this side of it.
The scribbly notational style of mark making that Wesselmann employs in these rural and suburban scenes of houses and roads and trees captures all the keenness and spontaneity that rigorously schooled perception can allow itself, yet these perceptions are immediately stylized, abstracted, and estranged by the material in which they are embodied--fixed and obdurate rather than fluid and yielding.
ARTISTIC: Jane Gaunt of Scribbly Artz, with Hayley Graham and Grace Hardy, left, and Sarah, left, and Lucy Harbron at the graffiti art workshop, below Pictures by PETER REIMANN
The event, held at Arlington Park and Bowesfield Primary School, featured football, badminton, tennis, bowls, caricatures created by local artists Scribbly Artz, inflatables supplied by AR Entertainments, and more.
Teeth suspended midpage along a liquid red line bring to mind Jay De Feo; scribbly abstractions recall Unica Zurn; and button-faces filling an entire page in rows echo Yayoi Kusama.
A week today you can join Scribbly Artz to make things connected with Indian culture from 1-3pm.