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In all the rooms, the mouldering shutters were fast closed: the bars which held them were screwed tight into the wood; the only light which was admitted, stealing its way through round holes at the top: which made the rooms more gloomy, and filled them with strange shadows.
Finally the breech plug itself has to be screwed tight to seal the breech.
The round end can be screwed tight to prevent link movement.
with the lid screwed tight, and all you could see was a huge eye staring
The frame is ergonomically populated separately before the entire assembly is placed inside the cabinet and screwed tight.
Floating brake calipers often pose a problem for car workshops in that the guide pins cannot be loosened or screwed tight with conventional tools.
The nails are nailed in and the screws are screwed tight, but something is wrong here
Two insulators are screwed tight on the electric fence post and I string the polypropylene twine by spooling it out of the two-spool box it comes in from the farm store.
This is an all-in-one fixing that is inserted into the drill hole then screwed tight.
Wood spiral stairs typically have center poles composed of several wood pieces held together by a steel tube that is screwed tight at the top.
It requires placing the lid and sliding it into slots on the canner, placing a two-inch-thick rubber band over that seal, and then a metal band screwed tight over everything in just the right position to get the proper seal.
Cultural web Arte and educational channel La Cinquieme both got budget increases in the 7% region, having seen the financial taps screwed tight shut late in 1996.
The entire machine is then removed and the corporation screwed tight by an ordinary wrench.