screw down

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screw something down

to secure something to the floor or a base by the use of screws. You had better screw these seats down or someone will knock them over. Please screw down the shelf.
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It had to match to 303 stainless steel thread's coefficient and could not contain glass or carbon reinforcement, which would grind the screw down over time.
This is a case of trespassing on a metaphor, an attempt to screw down divine realities into manageable formulas.
They are available in Globe Stop, Screw Down non-return, Lift Check and Bellows Sealed designs, and are suitable for tight shut off, throttling, draining, venting or filling at high pressures and temperatures.
5 mL centrifuge tubes with snap-on caps or screw down caps in an end-over-end motion at speeds varying from 4 to 40 rpm.
But I was able to follow him and screw down the drag a bit.
It deploys what it describes as "SWAT" teams of software engineers on projects to minimize errors and screw down customer costs.
Slide this plate onto the 2 by 3 and screw down through top moulding strip to secure it.
The new deck board works with Trimax's unique hidden clip system that ensures perfect spacing and alignment; also offering an alternative to the traditional screw down board.
If you can't get under the stairs, you will either have to fix angle brackets to the tread and riser or screw down through the tread into the riser (at the nose of the tread).
Drill a small clearance hole into the plywood to prevent it from splitting when you screw down your hinges.
Trap one is the perfect slot for him and, after securing a nice pitch rounding the opening turns, Bonville Stan turned the screw down the far side.
Then screw down the board to the top board on the pile until you're ready to work on your project.
To complete the framing, fit another piece of 2x2 on top, check that it's level, then screw down into the upright timbers.