screw around with

screw around with someone or something

Inf. to fiddle with or mess around with someone or something. Andy screwed around with his clock until he broke it. Look, chum! Don't screw around with me!
See also: around, screw
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If you can be screwed around with, they're going to screw around with you.
You screw around with it too much and it's all going to fall apart.
They will screw around with that list for a year or longer, and then they'll say they can not find a lot of the veterans.
They were 100 per cent right, but for the good of the organization they should have said "Don't screw around with my subordinates, don't look at my boss, I accept responsibility because I hold that position.
Trickster is a tight, fast moving, three-hander that revolves around Roger, a chronically unemployed, alcoholic writer; Mary, his waitress/actress girlfriend; and the Trickster, who strolls into their lives and proceeds to screw around with them.
They have just decided to screw around with the name a bit, in order to confuse us.
Price controls which inspire suppliers to screw around with services, marketing, and packaging to evade rate caps can result in falling subscribership - indicating that consumers consider themselves worse off when "protected.
If they want to screw around with the images of Kennedy, LBJ, and Nixon, who am I to quibble?
If they see that the top will not tolerate anything other than equality, they won't screw around with it," he explains.
Screw around with endangered-species habitat on land with a title signed by John Q.
We thought, don't tamper with it, don't screw around with the formula.
Several months ago, a Chevron lobbyist created a major stir by being quoted anonymously in Newsweek as saying, in regard to Chevron's potential environmental liability in Ecuador: "We can't let little countries screw around with big companies like this - companies that have made big investments around the world.
You never screw around with the look of classic superheroes," said Justin Prokowiew, a sales associate at Newbury Comics in Leominster.
The downtown specific plan would be at least six months away and that would give General Growth time to screw around with us and for (Mayor Frank) Quintero to try to sabotage us,'' an angry Caruso said.
You can't screw around with other women's emotions like that.