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be on the radar (screen)

To be considered important or noteworthy; within the spectrum of (someone's) awareness, attention, or consideration. If you want this issue to be on the radar of mainstream America, you have to frame it as something that will hit people in their wallets. The band was hugely popular in the '80s, but they haven't been on the radar screen in the last decade or so.
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on the radar (screen)

Considered important or noteworthy; within the spectrum of (someone's) awareness, attention, or consideration. If you want this issue to be on the radar of mainstream America, you have to frame it as something that will hit people in their wallets. There are always going to be bands who suddenly appear on the radar screen, only to fade into obscurity just as quickly.
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put up a smoke screen

To create a diversion or otherwise draw attention away from someone or something. Look, we need to put up a smoke screen so that the committee stops investigating the funds we embezzled. As soon as my mother starts prying into my dating life, I put up a smoke screen by asking my grandfather about his favorite fishing spots—a topic he could talk about for hours. Works every time!
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screen someone or something (off) (from someone or something)

to make someone or something out of sight or blocked off to someone or something by erecting a screen. We screened her off from the patient in the next bed. We screened off the yard from the street.

screen someone or something out of something

 and screen someone or something out
to filter someone or something out of something. The test screened all the unqualified candidates out of the group. We screened out the suppliers who were not financially sound.
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on somebody's radar (screen)

also on the radar (screen)
among the things being considered by someone The problem of trash disposal is on everyone's radar screen right now. This status puts the city on the radar screens of big corporations.
Usage notes: often used with words like not, off, and under to mean that something is not considered: The disease is sometimes not even on a doctor's radar screen. Some of these companies operate under everyone's radar.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of radar (a system that uses radio waves to follow the movement of aircraft or other objects)
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the silver screen

the cinema All the stars of the silver screen are here tonight to celebrate this great occasion.
See give to on a platter
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screen off

To separate, hide, or obscure something with a screen or similar barrier: I screened off the bed from the rest of the room with curtains. A high wall screens the porch off from the view of the ocean.
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screen out

1. To prevent something from passing by using a filter; filter something out: This glass screens out the harmful ultraviolet rays. The e-mail filter identifies advertisements and screens them out.
2. To deny someone or something admittance or approval based on certain criteria: Background checks allow us to screen out all applicants with criminal records. They screened me out because I didn't meet the eligibility requirements.
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blue screen of death

and BSOD
phr. & comp. abb. the blue computer screen that appears in early versions of Windows when Windows discovers a programming or operational error. Every time I run that program I get the BSOD. No matter what program causes the blue screen of death, Bill Gates gets the blame.
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on (one's) radar

/radar screen
In one's conscious awareness as a possibility or as an existing phenomenon: The governor said that running for president was not even on her radar screen.
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This project required tabular data on births, children screened for lead exposure, and individual housing construction dates, as well as home construction dates aggregated by census tract and zip code.
Thus we were able to assign 491 (20%) of the 2,507 births and 364 (29%) of the 1,238 children screened during the 1996-1997 time period to the pre-1950 housing age category.
We first asked, of children born in 1995 and screened for lead exposure in 1996-1997, what percentage was living in housing built before 1950 when screened?
Despite widespread support for regular screening, however, the majority of Americans over the age of 50 have never been screened by any method, allowing the high mortality associated with this disease to persist.
Patient preference for stool-based DNA testing is also evident in post-market data for PreGen-Plus, the commercially available version of the stool-based DNA test, which indicates that more than half of the people surveyed who have used PreGen-Plus had never been screened before.
The prospective study data have been confirmed by our commercial experience with PreGen-Plus, which suggests that, when provided with an option that they prefer, people will in fact get screened for colorectal cancer - and getting screened saves lives.
Despite the guideline recommendations endorsing regular screening for all Americans over the age of 50, nearly 60 percent have never been screened for colorectal cancer.
PreGen-Plus has been used by thousands of patients to date, and post-market data show that more than half of those patients had never been screened for colorectal cancer before.
While physicians strongly recommend colonoscopy, it is important to offer options to ensure that every American aged 50 and older gets screened regardless of access or other barriers.
From early 2005, international departing baggage will be security screened using state-of-the-art equipment, offering a sophisticated, fast and efficient service.
Since it was founded in 1994, it has screened samples from more than 2 million newborns.
Using a Uniform Rank of 1-99 (99 being the best growth rates), he screened for stocks ranked 80 or better.
Using a Uniform Rank of 1-99 again (this time 99 having the lowest P/E's), he screened for stocks ranked 80 or better.