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screeching (drunk)

Sl. intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers? She's not just drunk; she's screeching.
See also: screech

screeching (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers?
See also: drunk, screech


See also: screech
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Reps: R Buckley, P Price, L Fairbrother, M Screech, S Matthews, L Jones, C Meyer, A Hewitt.
For Diamond, Screech has been a curse and a career.
After tracking Yafano's eBay account, officers confirmed that the sale of the Western Screech Owl was completed in November 2012 and the bird had been exported to a US taxidermist - without a valid export permit.
Lock forward Screech was a key component of the Wales Under-20 team which created history last year by becoming the first side to beat New Zealand at the Junior World Championship.
Pens: J Dixon (2), D Newton CARDIFF: Tries: M Screech, S Cullen, R Tucker.
The other question was that one about the screech owl having the misleading name, and I thought it was kind of confusing.
So when Barkly and Screech force you to the end of your tether, contact a service such as Community Mediation Services in Eugene (541-344-5366) or one of the community or private services available through the Oregon Mediation Association (503-872-9775).
IT worker Will Jones said: "I was looking up the other end of the road when I heard the screech of brakes and then a loud crash.
The world s noisiest bat can screech 100 times louder than a rock concert.
Twilight Hunt: A Seek-and-Find Book is a children's picturebook following a screech owl's hunt amid a nighttime forest to feed her chicks.
And now, the Insider can reveal, Screech is coming to Liverpool to perform a one-off DJ set at the Carling Academy.
THE actor who played loveable geek Screech on US comedy Saved By The Bell is selling T-shirts in a bid to save his house.
A girl no older than 10 and no bigger than a bass guitar steps up to the microphone, looks nervously down at her notes, and proceeds to screech her lungs out.
Can't you see the potential Iraqi recruit lurking furtively in a doorway, praying his neighbors won't see that he's meeting an American, only to have the CIA's three-car convoy roar down the road and screech to a halt right in front of him?
Timid Lady Rides The Redline": She shudders at / sudden vibrations // clutches her / Aigner bag // for the / dark tunnel // subway screech / and T-stop // at Kendall Square.