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The monetarists will scream blue murder but there is no logic to their objections.
Refs scream blue murder and complain about being scrutinised but it's their own people who are scrutinising them.
And, for that matter, every other person in Mothercare who heard him scream blue murder because I dared to suggest he opt for a smaller, bluer, cheaper one - as opposed to a whistling pink fairy throne.
In rugby league or union, your team-mate would pick you off the ground and give you a slap across the face for faking - but once referees start getting tough on that sort of thing the Premier League managers will scream blue murder and it will go back to normal pretty quickly.
Publishing is a particularly good one as liberal intellectuals, concerned that not enough people read, scream blue murder in its defense.
JOHN BROWNLIE will scream blue murder at son Paul when he lines up against Rangers because he'll never change a lifetime habit.
Most racists scream blue murder when you confront them.
The way they yell and scream blue murder at each other is enough to make you think they were really married.
Andy Slattery's battlehardened eight-year-old bolted-up in this event last year, in heavy ground, when slamming Scream Blue Murder by five lengths.
TOMMY STACK'S bright start to the Flat season can continue at Cork with his Scream Blue Murder the choice in the Cork Sprint Stakes.
Because the minute anyone actually tries to do something about it such as raising the price of alcohol or limiting the licensing hours, we scream blue murder.