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LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The biggest problem with hardwood flooring is that no matter how careful you are, scratches still happen.
A friend of mine who cleans watches swears by Duraglit polish for scratches but this is quite abrasive and I would do a test patch first.
Their research found that as the stone slides over the ice the roughness on its leading half will produce small scratches in the ice and the rotation of the stone gives the scratches a slight deviation from the sliding direction.
I've even seen people sitting on or leaning against cars that don't belong to them when chatting with their friends, again leaving scratches or marks when they eventually move.
It is difficult to compare laboratory test results and field damage as field scratches vary greatly in depth, width, length, shape, and frequency.
If this behaviour still persists, you could also use a small spray bottle to squirt some water on your cat when she scratches in the undesired areas.
ZENA SAYS: Scratches can occur from jewellery, china or glasses.
Both types of scratches are produced under unique conditions, and customer objection to each type of scratch can vary between North American and European customers.
Worse than that, with very good reason, the better the nurse, the more the scratches.
But in the realm of new coating possibilities, Nissan's entry only scratches the surface.
Scratch Guard Coat contains a newly developed high elastic resin that helps prevent scratches from affecting the inner layers of a car's painted surface.
NISSAN has developed the world's first clear paint that repairs scratches.
The water-repellent paint also has a higher resistance t o scratches compared with conventional clear paints and Nissan says a vehicle painted with it will have only one-fifth of the abrasions caused by a car wash in comparison to one with conventional clear paint
said Friday it has developed a paint technology that is capable of automatically repairing light scratches made to the surface of an automobile.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 5, 2005 - (JCN) - Nissan Motor has developed Scratch Guard Coat, the world's first clear paint that repairs scratches on painted car surfaces, and will use the product for on some of its SUVs.