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Although the trademark and content of catalyst and additives were not available, the material systems themselves are still useful to investigate the coupling effect of elastic modulus and yield strength on the scratch behavior of PP.
These shared principles made Greer Companies and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen exceptional restaurant partners and helped grow the brand.
With no renewal or subscription fees, Mobile Data Cards are valid for 30 days once activated, and customers can use more than one scratch card during the 30-day validity period.
Lorinczova and Decker (41) have investigated scratch resistance of UV-cured acrylic coatings applied on glass substrate by using a Taber scratch tester equipped of a conical diamond indenter.
Scratch Lab provides filmmakers and on-set professionals with an ACES-compliant toolset for real-time playback of 4K/2K RAW, while taking full advantage of the F65 and PMW-F55's ultra-wide colour gamut.
The beauty of Scratch is that it starts with something very simple and encourages newcomers to learn one new thing at a time.
Although there have been recent improvements in topcoats, consumers continue to demand better abrasion and scratch resistance.
Wynyard took all 12 points in the scratch section but could only halve the handicap.
You can use code or images you find in another project in your own project, or you can download and modify a sample project or any project in the Scratch community.
Cats also scratch in order to stretch and exercise their front limbs whereas some other cats adopt scratching for sheer pleasure
Developed at the MIT Media Lab, Scratch allows learners to experiment by snapping together visual coding blocks to control pictures, sounds, and other elements.
Scratch is a new computer programming environment that is targeted to young children and education communities.
Abstract A new approach for evaluating the wet-adhesive strength of epoxy-based coatings was carried out based on a recently standardized ASTM/ISO scratch test.
Written by Vicki Fischer and illustrated by Martha Day Zschock, for rock 'n' roll enthusiasts from 6 to 60, "Rock Star Scratch & Sketch" is an art activity book that explores the very special world of rock music by sketching the pictures, and scratching away the black coating to reveal colorful glitter and swirl patterns emerge.
The Makrofol TP 278 polycarbonate film produces 3D component surfaces with a deep-gloss finish and abrasion resistance and is the first member of the new Makrofol HF product family of scratch resistant coated, formable films.