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on the scrap heap

also in the scrap heap
in a place for things that are not wanted any more Congress is threatening to throw the president's budget on the scrap heap.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of scrap heap (a pile of things that are no longer wanted)
See also: heap, on, scrap

throw somebody/something on the scrap heap

to get rid of someone or something that is not wanted or needed any more (usually passive) Many people over forty who can't find a job feel they've been thrown on the scrap heap.
See also: heap, on, scrap, throw
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Heavy criticism about shipping decrepit vessels across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans to facilities in developing countries that lack rigorous environmental and safety guidelines is putting even greater pressure on MARAD to award its ship scrapping contracts to domestic firms.
While the company has encountered significant challenges in its attempt to win over a skeptical population with the benefits of a ship scrapping operation, for Bay Bridge, having easier access to a West Coast fleet of ships makes it worth the effort.
However, locating a facility on the West Coast would sharply reduce many of the expenses associated with ship scrapping, including towing.
On Friday the district recommended requiring third-party inspections of vehicles before scrapping, specifying that a vehicle leaking fluids, emitting smoke or making unusual noises cannot be accepted, and re-examining and possibly reducing the value of the credits issued.
Critics of AQMD's scrapping rule say the credits purchased don't equal the amount of smog those cars emit.
Auto shred is a high-volume item on the supply side, and as long as Americans are scrapping obsolete cars at a fast pace, this will keep the twitch supply strong.