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table scrap

A piece of food left over from a meal. Don't give the dog another table scrap, I don't want him to get sick. We spend all day cooking their food, and all we get to eat are their table scraps.
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on the scrap heap

Among other unwanted or unused things. Typically used after the verbs "throw" or "toss." It was disheartening to have something that took up so much of my time and energy end up on the scrap heap, but that's just the nature of the industry. It felt like I'd been thrown on the scrap heap after Janice left me.
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throw (someone or something) on the scrap heap

To completely discard someone or something that is unwanted, especially in an unceremonious way. The phrase implies that the thing being discarded is being treated as worthless, completely irredeemable, or not worth fixing. The entire design is in danger of getting thrown on the scrap heap if we can't solve the overheating issue. Fred's worked here for 30 years and they just throw him on the scrap heap like that? That ain't right.
See also: heap, on, scrap, throw

on the ˈscrap heap

(informal) no longer wanted or considered useful: With the closure of the factory, thousands of workers have been thrown on the scrap heap.
See also: heap, on, scrap
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Scrapper turned, hid his eyes, heard and felt the thud of stone on metal.
Alistair Whillans, trainer of Scrapper Smith "My nephew rode him last time claiming 7lb and he's now 8lb higher.
She and Scrapper were nothing like her mam and dad.
Tenders are invited for mainline laying works for laying of 42 inch od crude oil pipeline from chennai port to cpcl, refinery at manali, chennai and composite station works at scrapper launching area of chennai port and scrapper receiving area of cpcl, refinery
For all Dai's heft, Scrapper sensed something shrunken in him, the light gone from his eyes.
Scrapper carried them down from the tip and tucked them in a clump of bracken, sheltered from the wind and the wet.
Tenders are invited for Supply of various spares like bowl hub skirt, scrapper box complete scrapper assembly, insulation cover plate etc.
Scrapper made a mental note to clear them away when he got back.
2) Scrapper Ring Wiper A01-B 70 X 78 X 76 X 7 (L=4).
II - AHP Unit IV & V scrapper conveyor feeder - Reconditioning of scrapper bars by metal filling in the wornout portion