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table scrap

A piece of food left over from a meal. Don't give the dog another table scrap, I don't want him to get sick. We spend all day cooking their food, and all we get to eat are their table scraps.
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on the scrap heap

also in the scrap heap
in a place for things that are not wanted any more Congress is threatening to throw the president's budget on the scrap heap.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of scrap heap (a pile of things that are no longer wanted)
See also: heap, on, scrap

throw somebody/something on the scrap heap

to get rid of someone or something that is not wanted or needed any more (usually passive) Many people over forty who can't find a job feel they've been thrown on the scrap heap.
See also: heap, on, scrap, throw
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In addition to tough-as-nails attributes, the Scrapper vests and jackets will also block wind, fend off rain and shed moisture.
Scrapper Smith has not won in seven races since and is 7lb higher this year, but he does like Ayr, winning on three of his ten visits and finishing in the money on two other occasions.
Available both on the website and the mobile browser version, the iScrap App Metal Forum will be a useful tool for scrappers on the go, as well as at their home or business.
Favourite Las Verglas Star looked to have done everything right from the front but 7-1 shot Scrapper Smith nailed him right on the line for a short-head win, with Mirrored only a head further away in third.
Favourite Las Verglas Star looked to have done everything right from the front end but just when his supporters were preparing to count their winnings, 7-1 shot Scrapper Smith nailed him right on the line for a shorthead win.
The Power' said: "I may not be world champion any more, and I may not hold the Premier League title any more, but I'm still the little scrapper from a council house in Stoke.
Ideal for companies strapped for time, Appizon Scrapper pulls existing website content and places it directly on an app or a mobile website.
The second half of the season is the time to catch SCRAPPER SMITH (4.
At just before 3pm on Friday, police received a report that a metal scrapper, which is used to scrape fields like a plough, had been stolen from a farm in Longframlington.
SCRAPPER SMITH can build on a fine comeback at Haydock.
The Shard End scrapper accepts that Eastman has operated at the highest level for years and has been the No.
McKervey had 46 bouts in Bulkington's colours - winning 20 - and the club's Stewart Tidman paid tribute to the gutsy scrapper.
We first see the Jersey scrapper coming off one of many wins in 1928.
BOXING: Bonnyrigg scrapper Keith Knox's British flyweight title rematch with Mickey Cantwell has been postponed till October after the Londoner was cut in a warm-up bout.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Scrapper Chain with C Clamps & U links for Scrapper Feeders of Bottom Ash Hopper Unit-III & IV 4 items