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table scrap

A piece of food left over from a meal. Don't give the dog another table scrap, I don't want him to get sick. We spend all day cooking their food, and all we get to eat are their table scraps.
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on the scrap heap

also in the scrap heap
in a place for things that are not wanted any more Congress is threatening to throw the president's budget on the scrap heap.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of scrap heap (a pile of things that are no longer wanted)
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throw somebody/something on the scrap heap

to get rid of someone or something that is not wanted or needed any more (usually passive) Many people over forty who can't find a job feel they've been thrown on the scrap heap.
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I think that the program, at a minimum, could be greatly improved in ensuring that the cars that are being scrapped are indeed road-worthy,'' he said.
while MARAD is attempting to have many vessels scrapped, it isn't an easy job.
The unceasing discard of metals from millions of factories and families everyday includes broken, obsolete and wornout metals from scrapped autos, railroad track, steel building materials, tin cans, toys, appliances and military equipment.
With the increased use of high-energy accelerators for product sterilization, medical diagnostics and cancer therapy applications, it is possible for such user equipment to be scrapped without the proper disposal methods being observed.
The shape of the extrusion is ruined at the clamped ends, so these ends are trimmed and scrapped.
As auto dismantlers continue to remove aluminum wheels and catalytic converters from scrapped autos, shredder operators' profitability is affected to varying degrees