scrape off

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scrape something off (of) someone or something

 and scrape something off
to rub or stroke something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I sat down and scraped the caked mud off of me. It was everywhere! Jake scraped off the rust.
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I've managed to scrape off some of it but there's still a definite 'blush'.
factory in Ibaraki Prefecture can scrape off a concrete surface by blasting the pressurized water onto it while retrieving nearly all waste materials with a suction spout near the water outlet.
If stalk is stringy scrape off outer layer, remove centre choke.
The longer carbon sits, the harder it is to scrape off.
But first, scrape off a small sample of your texture material and find a match for it at a home center.
Then scrape off the adhesive with a razor-blade scraper (sold at paint stores) or single-edge razor.
Couldn't they just have asked one of the cabin crew to scrape off five layers of her/his make-up?
As ice sheets progress towards the coast, they scrape off mineral and nutrient deposits from the underlying soil and bedrock, before breaking up into icebergs once they reach the sea.
Deer try to scrape off this itchy layer by rubbing their antlers against trees and shrubs--or even volleyball net poles The tangled net will fall off along with the deer's antlers sometime in February
Candle wax: Chill wax with an ice cube, scrape off with edge of dull butter knife.
Until the 1970s, pipecoverers insulated heating and hot water pipes with asbestos, the stuff that guys in moonsuits will now scrape off your basement pipes for a fat fee.
So who's really really hot, and who's the stuff you scrape off your plates after Thanksgiving dinner?
To do that, scientists run swabs over damaged paintings and manuscripts or, when permitted, snip or scrape off small pieces for analysis.
At the right moment, 1 will scrape off the stagger screen and look for a pass from 3 for a possible 3-point shot.
Despite all the sappy accretions that one longs to scrape off the tale with a blunt knife, Peter Pan retains a near mythological power because of the truth at its heart.