scrape away

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scrape something away (from something)

to scratch or rasp something off something. Ted scraped the rough places away from the fender he was repairing. Ted scraped away the rough places.
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Wrapping a patch around a brush to make it fit and using tools to scrape away the fouling is not foolproof.
He said: "They certainly have a very nasty sting, and if anyone is unfortunate enough to be stung, the advice is to use apiece of stick to scrape away any stinging cells left by the creature, and then apply ice.
The ergonomically safe IceDozer(R) combines the power design of heavy machinery, the principles of tenderizing and the technology of bendable plastic to scrape away the toughest ice from any car, helping to make winter driving safer.
Scrape away old food and bird droppings before putting out fresh food.
Despite all the masterful showmanship, when you scrape away the veneer of PR spin, Britain is fundamentally the same place it was 10 years ago.
Be judicious with your scraper and open up hollow patches and scrape away until the wall feels solid.
Never use wire brushes, screwdrivers or knife blades to scrape away dirt or it's bye-bye sight glass.
Each ballot has a scratch foil like that of a lottery ticket, which voters can scrape away to verify that the codes are correct.
Scrape away the hype and you get a game which is good without being spectacular.
Using a large nail gently scrape away a sequence of wavy lines from side to side until you've created an interesting and appealing pattern.
Once the hole was stabilized, firefighters used bulldozers to scrape away the hillside until they were able to retrieve Alamillo's body.
Slit peppers down one side, open up and scrape away seeds.
Scrape away the bald ad hominems and the unpersuasive arguments, and there isn't much left.
Raw fruits and vegetables scrape away plaque and are also good snacks for your teeth.
Make a rough shape, and then add or scrape away snow so that your sculpture fits your picture.