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kick bollocks scramble

A wild, chaotic, or panicked situation, especially among or involving many people simultaneously. Primarily heard in UK. With funding from local councils spread so thin these days, it's always a kick bollocks scramble in December for charities to meet their yearly quota with donations. The whole pub descended into a kick bollocks scramble after one bloke threw a punch at another.
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scramble for someone or something

to push and struggle to get to someone or something. All the teenagers scrambled for the rock star but couldn't catch him. The children scrambled for the candy as it fell from the pinata.
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scrambled eggs

n. rank insignia on a military officer’s uniform. I know his rank is high because of the “scrambled eggs,” but I don’t know how high.
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His fondness for scrambled eggs and disdain for cooking led to his invention of the EZ Scramble microwave cooker.
Another shell-shocked MP warned: "If MPs cannot or will not eat scrambled eggs becaus they are a health risk, members of the public may say, 'if it is too dangerous for MPs then it must be too dangerous for us'.
Once a coast-guard boat spotted it, the Japanese air force scrambled eight F-15 fighter jets, the report added.
Crystal Farms Scrambled Egg Patties are fully cooked, made from real eggs, contain 5 grams of protein per serving and are ready to eat in just 60 seconds.
Two Tornado F3 fighters were scrambled from RAF Leuchars in Fife and intercepted the Russian planes over Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.
Scrambled eggs are an absolute delight to eat - especially when made properly - but many people are put off by the rubbery offerings they have been served up over the years.
The trick to making perfect scrambled eggs is to have a little cold cream which you add at the end.
I prefer mine without bird flu in them; scrambled works, too
If you slow things down a bit, you can turn scrambled eggs into something spectacular: Cooked very slowly, and stirred constantly, scrambled eggs can be a dish that's creamy, rich and luxurious enough to serve as a first course at an elegant dinner.
it sounds like the Word portion of your Registry (Windows' "brains") got scrambled so it no longer instructs Word files to use the winword.
The basic idea of key-based encryption means that a block, file or other unit of data is scrambled in a way so that the original information is hidden within a level of encryption.
Harrington was injured after he left the pocket and scrambled to his left.
The scenario John Myers describes "is true, but it's really an issue of information getting scrambled, not lost.
The scrambled egg and cheese-based products came in bacon and sausage flavours and were designed to be served hot to fill what its owner saw as an underexploited category.
Addressing the problem of "signal bleed," which can cause scrambled channels to appear clearly on a non-subscriber's television set, Congress ordered cable TV operators to fully scramble or block any channel that is primarily dedicated to sexually oriented programming.