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kick bollocks scramble

A wild, chaotic, or panicked situation, especially among or involving many people simultaneously. Primarily heard in UK. With funding from local councils spread so thin these days, it's always a kick bollocks scramble in December for charities to meet their yearly quota with donations. The whole pub descended into a kick bollocks scramble after one bloke threw a punch at another.
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scramble for someone or something

to push and struggle to get to someone or something. All the teenagers scrambled for the rock star but couldn't catch him. The children scrambled for the candy as it fell from the pinata.
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scrambled eggs

n. rank insignia on a military officer’s uniform. I know his rank is high because of the “scrambled eggs,” but I don’t know how high.
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Let nothing separate a man from good scrambled eggs.
Roast tomatoes go fantastically with scrambled eggs.
Take scrambled egg-substitute with hash browns, ham, and two pieces of toast, or pancakes or French toast with ham or two pieces of bacon.
Crystal Farms Scrambled Egg Patties are fully cooked, made from real eggs, contain 5 grams of protein per serving and are ready to eat in just 60 seconds.
2 eggs scrambled with 10g butter and milk on wholemeal toast, mushrooms, glass of tomato juice.
The agent submits this number and other documentation concerning the wiretap to two government agencies -- the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Automated Services Division of the Treasury Department -- to obtain the "keys" required to decrypt this particular type of scrambled speech.
Great Starts' and Downyflake's Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Hash Browns get 73 percent of their calories from fat.
Sausage Breakfast Bowls contain real scrambled eggs, diced russet potatoes, Jimmy Dean sausage and cheddar cheese
In essence, it converts each incoming string 64 ones and zeros into a scrambled sequence of the same length.
GSSC) today announced technical compatibility between 3M travel document readers and Scrambled Indicia technology from Graphic Security Systems.
Kings defenseman Mattias Norstrom shot the back as Turco scrambled into position, but Bryan Smolinski couldn't knock the puck in.
The receiver, who knows how the numbers were scrambled and which set of wavelets were used as the building blocks, reverses the process to hear the message.