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a good scout

An honest, affable, reliable, and trustworthy person. Your dad's a good scout, you know that? He's helped me out of so many jams without even thinking twice.
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scout about (for someone or something)

To search, inspect, or look around an area (for someone or something). I've been scouting about for a suitable plot of land to build our house, but it's been tough finding one! With Jimmy's arm broken, we'll have to scout about for a new pitcher.
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Scout's honour

An oath that one is being ingenuous or honest, or will uphold a promise or duty. Alludes to the oath taken by a member of the Scouting movement to be upstanding, trustworthy, and honest. Primarily heard in UK. I swear that I'll behave myself at your brother's wedding, Scout's honour! A: "Are you really telling me the truth about what happened to my car?" B: "Scout's honour!"
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scout around (for someone or something)

to look around for someone or something. I don't know who would do a good job for you, but I'll scout around for a likely candidate. You stay here. I'll scout around.
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scout someone or something out

to search for and discover someone or something. I will scout a new salesclerk out for you if you want. I'll scout out a new clerk for you.
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scout someone or something up

to search for and find someone or something. I'll scout up a costume for the Halloween party. Can you scout a date up for Friday night?
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good egg, a

Also, a good scout. An amiable, basically nice person. For example, You can always count on her to help; she's a good egg, or His friends all think Dad's really a good scout. This colloquial antonym of bad egg dates from the early 1900s, as did the variant.
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scout around

To go from place to place searching: I'll scout around and see if I can find a place to build our campfire. The reporter went to the party to scout around for some gossip.
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scout out

To go to a place to make a preliminary inspection of someone or something in order to evaluate it for possible use, purchase, or hire, or in order to obtain information ahead of a future encounter: The college coach went to a high school game to scout out a potential recruit. I went ahead of the other hikers and scouted the trail out.
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Webelos is a Scouting program for boys who have completed third grade or are age 10.
As a plea for tolerant, inclusive Boy Scouting, On My Honor's most compelling arguments rely upon the author's moral convictions and his affectionate, warts-and-all portrait of a modern troop in camp.
If a scouting program cannot be found or purchased, a simple data base may suffice.
By uniforms, insignia, and such association with Whit tier employees, the Explorer Scouting program will generally be identified by the general public as under the control of the city their taxes support.
The youths were honored for achieving the Eagle Scout rank, the highest award in Scouting.
Although the efforts of high profile figures like Cicco, Fascitelli, Mosler and Fried Frank's chairman, Jonathan Mechanic, who also spoke at the event, have been critical in raising industry awareness for Scouting, Cicco remarked how receptive and generous the real estate industry in Manhattan has been in its support.
I'm afraid people are getting the impression that every time someone stands up for scouting, they get at tacked," DeCarlo says.
As we celebrate our 98th year of Scouting, it's important that we turn to our Eagle Scouts of all ages, and re-engage them in Scouting.
West Award, an honor named for the first chief executive officer of the Boy Scouts of America who established an endowment fund in 1910 to ensure the future of scouting in New York City.
Convention-goers were mostly oblivious to the small group of Scouting for All picketers that showed up during the meeting.
Over the years the Hollywood director has made financial contributions to scouting facilities and endowed a cinematography award for aspiring scout filmmakers.
Scouts No Longer Get Lost in the E-Commerce Jungle When Shopping for Camping, Adventure and Scouting Accessories
Boys, girls and adults can join Scouting by visiting their local fire stations.
They've really made a difference, helping to keep Scouting strong in this city, which in turn helps somany underprivileged children stay on the right track.
The scouting movement was founded in England in 1907 by Lt.