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scour something for someone or something

to look carefully and thoroughly in something for someone or something. I scoured the entire roster of members for a person who would agree to run for president. The police scoured the entire area for any sign of the suspects.
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scour something off (of) something

 and scour something off
to clean something off something else by scouring. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can scour the rust off the cookie sheet. I will scour off the rust with steel wool.
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scour something out

to clean something out by scouring. Would you scour the pans out? Please scour out the pansdon't just wash them.
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scour something out of something

to clean something out of something by scouring. Did you scour the rust out of the pan? Please scour the burned material out of the bowl.
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The error means the different between the result of the fitting formula and the scour depth which is simulated by finite element analysis.
A model that combines genetic algorithms and simulation technology to estimate scour depth of bridge piers by calculating natural frequency is introduced in this section.
The scour depth at the piers of the bridge will be estimated based on the data from the sensors by the genetic model in the database server.
The detail developing processes of the scour monitoring system are described in the following sections and are shown in Fig.
This study carried out a test of the scour monitoring system on Chung Sha Bridge (Fig.
In the sensor installation process, the information from the bridge was collected to know the scour depth at the piers of the bridge through bridge vibrating frequency.
A dynamic mathematical model is developed to estimate the scour depth at the piers of bridge by calculating the vibrating frequency of the bridge in the database server.
The result from the model will is shown on the web page of the scour monitoring platforms built on the database server.
The results of the scour depth at the piles with time under fast velocity were presented, and the effect of velocity location on the scour were studied, where fast flow velocity of 0.
The results demonstrated that, in the first 50 min, there was a rapid increase in scour depth, then, after 500 min, the increase slowed.
The 1st category is the effect of scour depth on the structural behavior of the integral bridge.
This section presents the effect of scour depth on the structural behavior of the integral bridge.
The results indicate that the strain increased with the increase of the scour depth with time for all of the STs, and with all scour depth intervals as well, except at ST3 with scour depth at 5 h, which exhibited the reverse behavior.
Finally, it became constant after 10 h until reaching the max scour at 24 h.
Scour depth had a direct effect on the structural behavior, such as strains and displacements of the bridge substructure.