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scour something for someone or something

to look carefully and thoroughly in something for someone or something. I scoured the entire roster of members for a person who would agree to run for president. The police scoured the entire area for any sign of the suspects.
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scour something off (of) something

 and scour something off
to clean something off something else by scouring. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can scour the rust off the cookie sheet. I will scour off the rust with steel wool.
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scour something out

to clean something out by scouring. Would you scour the pans out? Please scour out the pansdon't just wash them.
See also: out, scour

scour something out of something

to clean something out of something by scouring. Did you scour the rust out of the pan? Please scour the burned material out of the bowl.
See also: of, out, scour
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Figures (4) and (5), the longitudinal and transverse profiles of scouring in front tip of spur dike in the different discharges of experiments 17,20,23 and 27 Lit/s and in slot distance X/La = 0.
The amount of ice scouring is also affected by the length of the fast ice season, in which the ocean freezes over and stops iceberg movement.
Such a system would significantly aid small-scale experiments to address bridge scour problems by allowing the measurement of forces that occur during the scouring process.
Degree of polymerization is indirect measure of cotton fiber damage caused by scouring conditions.
The foundation depth should be enough to avoid the overturning failure due to scouring.
Mr Wood, of Plasmarl, spent the weekend with friends scouring beaches at Llangennith, Rhossili and Burry Holmes.
Oil company scientists and government researchers are scouring the globe, looking for cheaper, cleaner sources of fossil fuel.
More than 30 officers from New Scotland Yard's Flying Squad have spent the last four days scouring a warehouse full of timber and a builder's yardfollowing a tip-off.
Known commonly as the horsetail or scouring rush, this plant has emerged as one of the species that is increasingly recommended by garden and landscape designers in search of high-concept or minimalist designs.
A project to develop this device began with the Australian wool industry's idea to use microwave processing for compressed wool bales before scouring.
Scouring fields for fuel robs the soil of vital nutrients and reduces crop yields, hence increasing the probability of hunger.
Contains information on 4 categories: Bleach, Scouring products, Toilet care & General purpose cleaners.
Scouring Agents: The Bio-Sourcing over tradition Scouring methods gives fabrics a soft start and gently prepare them for the subsequent stages of textile wet processing.