score for

score something for something

1. to arrange music for one or more musical instruments; to arrange music for a particular type of voice or voices. The arranger scored the music for two pianos. The arranger scored the song for a four-part chorus.
2. to scratch something, such as glass, for breaking. Valerie scored the piece of glass for breaking and then snapped it off. The worker scored the pane of glass for snapping off.
See also: score
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Post-hoc comparisons using the Tukey HSD revealed that the mean score for Group C (M=14.
Examine the score for any instances of cross-voicing ahead of time, mark them clearly on the score, perhaps with a highlighter reserved just for cross-voicings, and plan a strategy to cope with them, particularly with regard to fingering.
Sahar Haghdan gave Highland the lead just before the end of the first half from a Diana Mendez assist, but Robyn Blondeel-Timmerman tied the score for Palmdale (5-5-5, 1-1-1) on a 45-yard direct kick in the 50th minute.
Since white students score higher than black students on average, let's say that the average white score is 100, while the average score for black students is 80.
For example, the simulator would show any changes in score results if the consumer opened a new credit-card account or wanted to pay down credit-card balances Another new service will allow people to monitor their credit report and credit score for early indications of identity theft and fraud.
The chronic disease score improved prediction of infection by the NNIS risk index and augmented the ASA score for risk adjustment.
When computed, this simple scoring system enabled us to easily determine the specific score for each section, the highest possible score, and the percentage of the highest possible score.
The score for each of the Ambulatory Care Parameters can be tracked over time.
We are very pleased with the service levels provided by Vantage, and the consistency by which we can assure a quality, reliable score for the AWA portion of the GMAT," says Larry Rudner, Chief Pyschometrician and Vice President of Research and Development at GMAC.
The median score for elementary schools in California this year was 735, up from 728 last year.
The average score for "Standard" across teachers for each of the four submissions was 3.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced that the company's FICO[R] Expansion[TM] credit risk score has proven in a major lending-industry study to be the first strong and reliable credit score for assessing the risk of millions of Americans who have little or no credit information on file at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Shane Vereen rushed for 109 yards and two touchdowns and Jason Trujillo caught five passes for 98 yards and a score for Valencia.
On Factor 3 (attitudes toward women's [gender] equity), the mean score for women in this study (M = 27.