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scoop something out of something

 and scoop something Out
to remove something from something by dipping or scooping. She scooped the water out of the bottom of the rowboat. Karen scooped out the water.
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scoop something up

to gather and remove something by scooping, dipping, or bailing. Karen scooped the nuts up and put them in a bag. Jill scooped up all the money she had won and left the poker table.
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What's the scoop?

Inf. What is the news?; What's new with you? Bob: Did you hear about Tom? Mary: No, what's the scoop? "Hi, you guys!" beamed John's little brother. "What's the scoop?"

scoop the pool (or the kitty)

be completely successful; gain everything.
In gambling games, the pool or kitty is the total amount of money that is staked.
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scoop up

1. To lift or collect something with a scoop or scooping motion: I scooped up a handful of jelly beans. The tractor scooped the dirt up and poured it in the hole.
2. To win or achieve something, especially a prize, easily: The movie scooped up numerous awards. We scooped another win up on Saturday.
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1. n. a news story gathered by a reporter before any other reporter hears of it. I got a great scoop! I was right there when it happened.
2. tv. to beat someone—such as another reporter—in the race to get a news story first. They scooped the other paper on both stories.
3. n. a general roundup and arrest of criminals; a bust. (Underworld.) Bart got picked up in that big drug scoop last month.
4. n. liquor; a glass of beer. A little scoop helps pass the time when you’re waiting.
5. n. a folded matchbook cover used to snort cocaine or heroin. I need a scoop. It’s no good without one.
6. tv. & in. to snort cocaine or heroin, using a folded matchbook cover. He scooped two lines together.

What’s the scoop?

interrog. What is the news? “Hi, you guys!” beamed John’s little brother. “What’s the scoop?”
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Scoops were considered as personal items and there was a widely-held superstition that it was unlucky for anyone other than the owner to use them.
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Unlike other simulator rides where the motion base is bolted to the floor, the Scoop zooms past 13 huge screens inside the theater.
The sign on my door says it all: "Nick Scoop, Private Science Writer.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Swheat Scoop has announced the formal launch of its new Swheat Shares program, in which the makers of the all-natural wheat clumping litter will partner monthly with a different rescue facility by donating 2,000 pounds of Swheat Scoop litter for use in conjunction with the rescue's foster and shelter programs.
This year's SCOOP promises the best poker action available for all bankrolls, with 38 events set to take place at low, medium and high stakes - a total of 114 tournaments.
com)-- Poop, Scoop & Away, LLC is proud to announce that is has achieved a significant milestone by marking its 5th year in business in April 2011.
Swansea Council has bought 600,000 poop scoop bags for pet owners to use to dispose of their pets' waste when out walking.
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Fashion retailer Scoop NYC launched women's and kid's fragrances in November, the first step in Scoop's full-fledged entry in the beauty industry.
For the perfect drinking experience, drizzle the hot chocolate from the teapot into the glass and scoop out with a long spoon ( be careful not to spill a drop
There, Joe unearths a hot scoop -- well-known, debonair aristocrat Peter Lyman (Hugh Jackman) may well be the second coming of Jack the Ripper.
distributor-is illustrated in the tale of a new ice cream scoop from a German kitchen gadget company called LURCH.