scoff at

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scoff at someone or something

to show ridicule or scorn for someone or something. The directors scoffed at her when she presented her plan. They scoffed at my new hat, not realizing how stylish it was.
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As Fred will probably recall, I was among the first to scoff at both of those models and never participated in either, but we traditional print publishers should not infer too much from their demise.
PEOPLE scoff at having a punt in the Lincoln but it is still in the top 20 betting races of the year, so after scoffing they must nip down the bookies and have a few quid.
Today, with Communism defeated or in retreat nearly everywhere, it is easy to scoff at the rack of dominos.
And to those who scoff at asking Mary and the saints to plead our cause rather than appealing to God directly, this same commentator, Marice Boulding, offers the witness of the Old Testament:
Sure, CNBC's Joe Kernan will scoff at such a large earnings number and describe it as a "one-time" event, but the fact is that CMGI seems to deliver a "one-time" event like this every year.
We can't afford to continue employing people who scoff at the Holy Father, we can't continue to endure in-fighting and dissent within our parish liturgies and programs.
Cynics often scoff at Mother's Day as the self-serving creation of florists and greeting-card companies, but they've got it all wrong.
The defenders of the status quo scoff at the very notion of a citizen government, a city run not by insiders but by ordinary people.
WHEN A FRIEND of mine heard about the series ``The American Embassy,'' he was staggered - anyone who's had to deal with the unhelpful consuls at one of these foreign outposts, particularly the one in London, he declared, would scoff at the idea of making its employees the heroes of a TV series.
When the high-strung investigator shows up at the scene of a murder he thinks may be linked to the conspiracy, he's unceremoniously shown the door by NYPD officers who scoff at his credentials.
Falwell and I scoff at the show's spokesman, who claims the purse is a ``magic bag.
How can supposedly intelligent people have so lost their way that they would scoff at the very people, the voters, who obey the laws and play by the rules?
Some people may scoff at the suggestion that they voluntarily supplement what they pay their gardener.
But Fimbres has dozens of supporters who have attended each of her court appearances, and they scoff at the notion, saying the woman was devoted to her son and in any event was unlikely to confide in Bryant, who they said was an acquaintance.