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it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do something

also you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do something
it is easy to understand something It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that fewer and fewer schools can afford to maintain competitive athletic programs.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form it's not rocket science: A five year old could put this puzzle together - it's not rocket science.
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it doesn't take a rocket scientist

  also you don't have to be a rocket scientist
if you say that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand something, you mean that it is obvious (usually + to do sth) Drugs equals crime. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
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The officers and scientists aboard often discussed the beast, but they were unable to account satisfactorily for the strange ceremony with which he greeted each new face.
came to England, and there the officers and the scientists, filled with compassion for the pitiful wreck of a man they had rescued from the jungles, furnished Paulvitch with funds and bid him and his Ajax Godspeed.
Many major discoveries in the history of medicine have come about by serendipity, when a scientist has had his sights trained on an entirely different topic of research.
Furthermore, readability in the eyes of the journalist may be oversimpli fication to the scientist.
Wallace Hume Carothers (1896-1937), American scientist, whose brilliant fundamental researches on polymers and polymerization had a profound influence on subsequent development of this field; a pioneer whose own efforts resulted in the discovery of Neoprene, the first commercially produced synthetic rubber, and of nylon, the first completely synthetic fiber.
The RNA extracted from these tissues will later be analyzed using a new ultrasensitive, whole genome expression assay being developed in Schoolnik's lab by senior research scientist Gregory Dolganov, PhD.
Besides sending research articles to two or three anonymous reviewers, the journal was posting some papers on a Web site where any interested scientist could voice his or her opinions about the research, as long as the commenters revealed their identities.
Scientists had never defined the word planet," says Richard Binzel, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Neither scientist worked for DuPont, or had a conflict of interest under federal rules, when he was being considered for the U.
And then there's somebody like Irving Weisman, a Stanford scientist and past chair of a prestigious panel on cloning at the National Academy of Sciences, who's been quoted in over 160 newspaper articles in recent years defending the opposite position--that embryonic stem cells are essential to future advances in medical science and technology.
Insisting on anonymity, another scientist wryly described the difficulties of working within the confines of the CIA project.
Dominique Swinnen, a Senior Scientist at Serono who viewed a prerelease, commented: "Isentris 2.
Although the scientist spends most of his time analyzing fossils, or traces of ancient marine organisms, Landman studies the giant squid too.
She pulls out one of the cryovat's precious contents: a frozen sample of animal tissue that had been sent to her by a scientist that was working in Asia.
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