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We agreed that if anyone could get gout in the nose, Schnozzle could.
Its American inventors picked boffins at Queen's University's QUESTOR centre to help on research that is set to put the portable wonder schnozzle on the map for industry.
Essentially, all the information you need is right in front of your schnozzle on the instrument panel.
And maybe he's just jealous at the size of the schnozzle on Mr Bean, which he could have put to good use when he was throwing half of Colombia up his nose during his time at Chelsea and Fiorentina.
Well, I'm going to work really hard to be in all the papers, pictured drunkenly hanging off the arms of emaciated deadheads with a tiny blanket of class A residue nestling beneath my schnozzle.
That's probably because the Wolves boss couldn't see further than the end of his Scottish schnozzle.
For added comfort, a hole has been punched at the base of the glasses to accommodate any size schnozzle.