scheme for

scheme for (something)

To form or contrive a secret or devious plan or conspiracy in order to obtain, achieve, or accomplish something. We spent the afternoon scheming for a way to get into the elite Hollywood party so we could meet some celebrities. I heard that he's been scheming for a new computer that he could charge to the company accounts.
See also: scheme

scheme for something

to plot and plan for something, perhaps using deception. She is scheming for a raise. Ted is always scheming for a way to miss work.
See also: scheme
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He said the reason is that all schemes in sector E-11 have to reserve and provide 2 percent of the area in their scheme for graveyard.
KARACHI -- Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Miftah Ismail has said that the government is going to announce an amnesty scheme for the business community, a move meant to appease stakeholders.
The existing NT Pensioner & Carer Concession Scheme will become the NT Concession Scheme for people on long-term income support, such as aged pensioners and carers.
913 million are being spent on water supply scheme for Fatehjang city , Rs 3.
I recommend you consult a chartered financial planner who can help you choose the best scheme for you.
The NPSS will effectively be a one-size-fits-all scheme for all employees who qualify (which is the vast majority).
Since we use this slip and pull-blocking scheme for other plays, the learning scheme fits naturally with our offense and takes little practice time.
The switch fabric must embody a scheme for seamlessly connecting ports of increasing rates; from 1G FC ports, 2G to 10G and so on.
The objectives of the pilot were to increase understanding and knowledge of mentoring as a tool for CPD; to investigate existing mentoring schemes and their applicability for HeLIN; to develop a pilot mentoring scheme for HeLIN incorporating a program for accreditation of mentors; and to evaluate the scheme and disseminate the results.
The Government has been implementing various policy initiatives and schemes like Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS), Schemes for the development of the Power-loom Sector, Schemes for Technical Textiles, Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks (SITP) and Scheme for Integrated Textile Processing Development (IPDS) to enable the textile industry, including the small industries, to upgrade and make them competitive.
During the meeting, the authorities concerned screened detailed presentation on five schemes of Prime Minister Youth Programme, which include Prime Minister Laptop Scheme for talented youth, Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme for the needy students, Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Scheme, Prime Minister Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme and Prime Minister Youth Internship scheme.
WH Smith became the most recent group to announce it was closing its final salary scheme for nearly 2,000 workers this month.
We borrowed a great scheme for numbering the placement of kicks, one through nine, on a grid from Texas great Marty Criswell, who might be the most organized man on the planet.