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ahead of schedule

Earlier than a given deadline. Since the contractor and his crew completed the renovations ahead of schedule, we were able to move into the house before winter arrived. Repaying your loan ahead of schedule will save you money in the long term by reducing the amount of interest you'll have to pay.
See also: ahead, of, schedule

*ahead of schedule

Fig. having done something before the time given on a schedule or before the expected time. (*Typically: be ~; finish ~.) I want to be able to finish the job ahead of schedule.
See also: ahead, of, schedule

*behind schedule

having failed to do something by the appointed time, especially the time given on a written plan. (*Typically: be ~; fall ~; get ~.) We have to hurry and finish soon or we will fall behind schedule. The project is behind schedule by six months.
See also: behind, schedule

on schedule

at the expected or desired time. The plane came in right on schedule. Things have to happen on schedule in a theatrical performance.
See also: on, schedule

slated to do something scheduled to do something

. (*Typically: be ~; have someone ~.) Mary is slated to go to Washington in the fall. We are slated to leave in November.
See also: schedule, slate

ahead of schedule

happening or done earlier than the time that was planned The sale will help us to repay the loan ahead of schedule.
Opposite of: behind schedule
See also: ahead, of, schedule

behind schedule

happening or done later than the time that was planned The project is behind schedule because several people are off sick.
Opposite of: ahead of schedule
See also: behind, schedule

on schedule

happening or done at the time that was planned or intended The trains run pretty much on schedule, except when the weather is really bad.
See also: on, schedule

on schedule

At the announced or expected time, as in Her first baby arrived right on schedule. Originally alluding to published railroad timetables, this expression dates from the late 1800s.
See also: on, schedule
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GSS, which takes care of all of the calendaring and scheduling requirements, includes an advanced room finder, a recurring scheduling feature, a time zone manager to accommodate global conferencing and cost accounting reports.
Other key features include finite-capacity, drag-and-drop scheduling and a new Action Message Report that automatically alerts users to changing materials requirements.
Scheduling may be necessary for at least the first year after the balance sheet date to determine the current portion of deferred taxes in a classified balance sheet.
Maintenance Logic System runs on a variety of client/server platforms and includes work orders, employee scheduling, equipment repair histories, inventory control, and maintenance scheduling.
Simple scheduling takes the computed production requirements for all parts and schedules the casting operation by subtracting the lead time (in weeks) from the required delivery date.
Cost optimization takes into account such factors as: scheduling salaried staff first, scheduling less expensive employees before more expensive employees (if each can perform the needed tasks), scheduling overtime only when all part-time help has been utilized, scheduling overtime before going to an outside agency (or vice-versa, based on the costs involved), and not over-staffing.
An "Exclude" function can be used to prevent IJS from scheduling jobs on a particular machine.
Sabre Airline Solutions' planning and scheduling suite will enable us to boost our decision-making capabilities and help increase our bookings revenue whilst decreasing our operating costs.
Enhanced scheduling capability is the number-one request from our Centerpoint customers," said Mike Evans, president, Pearson School Systems.
USA understands that scheduling activities aboard the CEV will be a multi-dimensional challenge because the spacecraft's communication, power and motion at any given moment dictates what can or cannot be done on board at that time.
PeopleCube, the leader in on-demand human process management, today announced the latest release of Meeting Maker, the popular collaborative scheduling solution.
Fiscal period estimate-to-complete (ETC) planning is now available in the scheduling view, allowing CAMs to update both schedules and accurate estimate at complete (EACs) at the same time;
Xpress Schedule is an easy-to-use software staff scheduling tool that is offered at an affordable price -- two features that are key to the philosophy of Actoris Software.
New Tool Results in Fewer Scheduling Conflicts, Educators Have More Time for Student Counseling and Instruction
com is SCI's award winning Internet-based, pre-registration, scheduling and front-end revenue cycle solution for hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes.
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