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Barcelona are like sharks who scent blood and finish you off.
The Brexiters believe Carney was "too supportive of Britain remaining in the EU [and now] scent blood in their feud with the governor," the Financial Times said.
Rivals will soon scent blood and go in for the leadership kill.
With Ahed's rearguard rarely troubled, Mahmoud Hammoud's men could scent blood, and they poured forward looking to sound the death knell to Nejmeh's flagging title hopes.
County scent blood with United labouring on an eight-game winless streak that has knocked the stuffing out of their season.
I love the way that under Rodgers they've got goals in their DNA and scent blood right from the kick off, aiming not just to beat sides, but to try and demolish them.
Indeed, once the Geordie public scent blood ANYTHING can happen.
Durham's batting let them down in their opening game against Nottinghamshire and they were 82-6 in pursuit of 130 when the rain came against Middlesex last week so Surrey's bowlers could scent blood.
True Wales - who are almost certain to form the "no" campaign' still scent blood.
Labour lost control of the council in 2008 to an Independent/Conservatives coalition, and the main parties scent blood.
Now Hearts will move within six points of their bitter rivals with a victory today - and Laszlo (right) can scent blood.
I'm sorry to say that it's yet more of the media acting like a pack of hyenas when they scent blood.
THE Great White Shark Greg Norman will be able to scent blood today as he tries to win The Senior Open title for the first time.
The public scent blood over this - and they will get it come polling on June 4.
CONSERVATIVES scent blood after Gordon Brown's wobbly week.