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best-case scenario

Cliché the optimum outcome being considered. (Compare this with the worst-case scenario.) Now that we've seen the negative angle, let's look at the best-case scenario. In the best-case scenario, we're all dead eventually—but then that's true of the worst-case scenario also.
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worst-case scenario

Cliché the worse possible future outcome. Now, let's look at the worst-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, we're all dead.
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the nightmare/worst-case scenario

the worst thing that could possibly happen I suppose the worst-case scenario would be if both of us lost our jobs at the same time.
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worst-case scenario

n. the worst possible future outcome. Now, let’s look at the worst-case scenario.
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How to Win in Every Scenario: Using Scenario Planning to Create Win-Win Solutions in Ukraine and in Other Complex Situations" (236 pages, ISBN# 978-1499057485) is available online at Amazon, Xlibris and Barnes and Noble.
The facilitators then helped the participants narrow the six sketch scenarios down to four scenarios, either through combination or elimination.
Scenario 3 replaced meat with grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dried beans.
The objective is not to develop a number of strategies, each tailored to the specific concerns raised by each scenario--in other words, to develop a strategy A, B, C, and D for scenarios A, B, C, and D.
based scenarios as often and frequent as they like,'' LAPD Chief William Bratton said.
Scenarios have also been used as a means to set a context for discussion in science classes (Macrina & Munro, 1995).
The second scenario is the same, except the buyout price may be determined by an "amended value option," which provides an employee (1) with a buyout price equal to the appraised value as a floor and (2) the ability to sell the house to the employer at a higher price.
The next step is to create a dynamic report enabling us to analyze all these scenarios.
Scenarios at this level usually last about 40 minutes.
Anyone with a stake in its outcome should be thinking about scenarios and contingency plans, not just a point estimate.
The testing covered three real-time rating scenarios and performance testing that highlighted the linear scalability of the software.
So, we put our heads together and came up with a little survival guide to make life's worst-case scenarios just a little easier.
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