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scavenge (around) for someone or something

to search everywhere for someone or something. We had to scavenge for a person who would agree to run for president in my place. Sam scavenged around for a socket wrench.
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But from my 23 years of experience in the business, when people scavenge they tend to rip bags apart and make messes," he said.
In fact, at the lowest concentration, BHA scavenges DPPH at twice the efficiency of plant extract.
Before incorporation into the compound they can scavenge moisture from the air.
Under these conditions the engine should run very well, be less sensitive to load changes and properly scavenge the cylinders.
All the extracts had shown high antioxidant activity which was evident by their ability to scavenge DPPH radical to more than 50%.
The package can be stored unfilled for an extended period (without significant loss of scavenging capability) and will scavenge immediately upon filling with a liquid product.
CONCLUSIONS: While crocin may be unable to scavenge superoxide, some of the other carotenoids do so quite effectively.
Because birds scavenge dead farm animals, "any NSMD that is used without testing [on birds] is a real cause of concern," Cuthbert says.
However, some compounds did not scavenge DPPH but inhibited lipid peroxidation significantly, suggesting that their inhibitory effect was not due to radical scavenging but to some other mechanism, such as prevention of [Fe.
Or did it scavenge dead and rotting animal carcasses?
Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C are commonly added to cosmetic products to scavenge free radicals and promote healthy skin.
The IC50 value denotes the concentration of a sample that is required to scavenge 50% of free radicals.
First, they scavenge minute amounts of energy from the environment around them, perhaps from a small temperature change, or the vibration of a movement, or the pressure of someone turning a switch.
It was found that 50 M of anthrarobin was needed to scavenge 50% radicals while 12.
Stability of the extract to scavenge superoxide and to inhibit xanthine oxidase has been presented in Table 2.