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be scattered to the four winds

To be dispersed across a wide area. Our family has been scattered to the four winds now that all of our kids are in college in different states.
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mod. drug intoxicated; confused by drug use. (see also scat.) Those poor kids are so scattered, they can’t even get themselves to class.

scattered from here to breakfast

In disarray. It's been suggested that something that is total disorder would take the rest of the day and all through the night—that is, until breakfast—to correct. Also heard as “from Hell to breakfast.”
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There are also several strong scatters, whose powers are very high.
In the presence of light scattering, the light scatters in all directions, but the intensity varies according to the angle [theta] (the angle between the line of observation and the x axis) and the expression 1 + [cos.
It also revealed that consumers buy scatter rugs once every one to two years.
The low and high scatter groups diverged from each other by a factor of over ten to one.
Those two components of antenna scatter have historically been called structural mode and antenna mode scattering.
The Scatter Correction feature eliminates the need to use an anti-scatter grid during certain types of X-ray examinations, which streamlines workflow for technologists and makes positioning more comfortable for patients, as compared to using the detector with a grid.
Such variations were mentioned in a previous work, (20) can be explained by first considering that in very dilute systems, electromagnetic couplings are negligible and the particles scatter light quasi independently one from the other, therefore [[sigma].
Fritz and Rothe (14) carried out a more detailed analysis and emphasized the inverse relation between haze and gloss, for films where surface scatter is dominant.
But as you went on looking at the scatter piece you sensed a sort of need for those dispersed timbers to come together again and rediscover their unity.
Unlike atoms, electrons readily scatter CMB photons, bouncing them back and forth.
i] = 35[degrees], the fast scatter peak is not simulated in Figure 10(a), which may be arisen by some special source in the experiments.
But the scheme works only in environments with many objects, such as buildings, that scatter radio waves.
In addition, funeral directors would be required to disclose all economic options to customers, and firms that scatter ashes would have to keep additional registration information on file with the state.
Different molecules scatter the light in characteristic patterns, which are affected by the tip.
0 provides the scalability and performance that manufacturers and distributors need to make fact-based pricing decisions, and includes new Opportunity Analysis and Scatter Plot Delta tools for improved analysis of pricing trends and variables.