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be scattered to the four winds

To be dispersed across a wide area. Our family has been scattered to the four winds now that all of our kids are in college in different states.
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mod. drug intoxicated; confused by drug use. (see also scat.) Those poor kids are so scattered, they can’t even get themselves to class.

scattered from here to breakfast

In disarray. It's been suggested that something that is total disorder would take the rest of the day and all through the night—that is, until breakfast—to correct. Also heard as “from Hell to breakfast.”
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She said each family member wanted to scatter their own pot of Michelle's ashes on the beach - where the remains of two other relatives were previously scattered.
They can also provide suggestions about the best ways to scatter ashes and to make the ceremony more memorable.
2] to scatter light in a coating depends on particle size; the difference in refractive index of the [TiO.
A scatter plot of events detected by the ARIA II flow cytometer during the passage of a suspension containing both TruCount microspheres and test microspheres.
A Nepali sherpa climber, Apa Sherpa, who holds the record for the most successful Everest ascents, was to scatter Hillary's ashes, which have lain in a monastery in the area in May.
Data processing of light scattering runs had to be performed carefully and this was due to the amount of scatter (noise) produced by the data.
The apparatus comprises a radiation source for emitting a beam of radiation relative to an axis and a sensor region for receiving elongated objects, which is arranged relative to the beam so that the objects scatter radiation in a forward direction.
So it was no surprise that his family should choose the Craigellachie summit to scatter his remains.
Fogging occurs when water droplets from moist air condense on a cool surface and scatter light there.
Engineered pigments have demonstrated success in improving scatter and opacity
The edges tend to scatter light in the same way as smaller particle and so tend to skew the size distribution toward smaller particle sizes.
Club member Lynn McLaughlin was thrilled at the chance to scatter seeds as she flew tandem with her instructor.
In lipemia, chylomicrons and VLDL are suspended particles that scatter light, producing cloudiness or turbidity similar to that seen in milk.
Although there are no temples or funeral pyres on its muddy banks, an area under a Chepstow bridge is used by Hindus to scatter their loved ones' ashes to observe the tradition of using fire and water.
Program inputs and outputs are typically maintained in centralized datasets residing on long-term storage subsystems, so data parallel applications must typically scatter portions of the input dataset to each compute node, then gather partial results and combine them into the final output.