scare the pants off

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scare the pants off (of) (one)

To terrify one. The sound of the fire alarm scared the pants off of me at three in the morning.
See also: off, pant, scare

scare the pants off (of) someone

to frighten someone very badly. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Wow! You nearly scared the pants off me! The explosion scared the pants off of everyone.
See also: off, pant, scare
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The story - steeped in Freudian symbolism - is erotic and atmospheric, but it's not meant to scare the pants off you but give you a chill that comes from the dual temptations of the sexual and dangerous.
But, let's face it, Boro without Alen Boksic do not scare the pants off any defence.
Turn in Maria - or give her lessons in how to really scare the pants off someone?
55PM It may not scare the pants off people in the same way as The Ring or The Grudge, but this atmospheric horror flick is very much in the same mould and is perfect late night viewing on a winter's night.
The Swedish car makers have always been considered a bit of an outsider in an executive market dominated by Audi, Mercedes and BMW but I have just driven a Volvo that would scare the pants off their German rivals.
Join us on the 30th October for Family Fright Night (open till 9pm) - guaranteed to scare the pants off the whole family, with exclusive adult (16+) scare zones, live music and fancy dress family disco
They scare the pants off everyone in the Championship and I cannot see them being halted.
Rich in colour, gloriously photographed and oozing true charm, it has everything a family film should boast - even if the flying monkeys may scare the pants off anybody still in single digits.
He's doing what he's best at in this new series, which may well scare the pants off you but looks certain to make an impact on the crime figures.
He's also regarded as a bit of a loose cannon and his maverick style would probably scare the pants off many at the WRU.
Danny Dichio up front would be enough to scare the pants off most non-Premiership defences.
We're not going to scare the pants off Wall Street (bond traders worried about county bankruptcy), but I still think we have the same problems unless we get some relief from Sacramento," said Supervisor Gloria Molina.
15pm ANY Oriental horror movies are going to scare the pants off you, so remaking them with someone as gorgeous as Jessica Alba is a handy defence mechanism against the terrors in store.
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