scare off

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scare (someone or an animal) off

to frighten someone or an animal away. The dog's barking scared the burglar off. The barking scared off the prowler.
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scare off somebody

also scare away somebody
to cause someone not to invest money in something A TV show as experimental and unusual as this one could scare off advertisers. The country's financial crisis has scared away potential foreign investors.
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scare off somebody/something

also scare somebody/something off
to cause someone or something to go or stay away scare away somebody/something In summer, when you walked through a field of dry grass, you stamped your feet to scare off snakes. A deadly outbreak of “bird flu” in Hong Kong has killed six people and scared off tourists. Intensive border patrols probably scared smugglers off.
See also: off, scare
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Of course, what Bacon and Dyer did may scare off some moviegoers--a prediction based less on the film's sexual content than on its emotional brutality.
22-caliber rifle to scare off coyotes and other wild animals, fired at them first.
In addition, hunting would scare off the hogs and deer that panthers eat.
This could scare off potential supporters,n noted Special Assistant for Property Tax Reform Martha E.
The simplest type of local alarm only reacts to activation by ringing bells to alert the surroundings and scare off intruders.
A DAD-of-two who used a piece of wood to scare off a gang of louts throwing rocks at his home was stunned when police arrested HIM.
But he added he was speaking out because he fears bad publicity could scare off NFL teams interested in signing him as a free-agent.
ADVICE from the Home Office on staying safe: # If you often walk home in the dark carry a personal attack alarm in your hand so you can use it immediately to scare off an attacker.
It fans open its bright orange collar to scare off predators or attract mates.
They are spreading lion dung around their flower beds in the Craig Phadrig area of Inverness to scare off deer from a nearby forest.
Francis is keen to scare off bargain-hunters by securing two of the teams's most exciting youngsters on big deals.
He doubts the chemical can scare off the hardy cockroach, however.
Firecracker Chicken is the perfect dish for the holiday because chicken represents prosperity in the Chinese culture and firecrackers, a traditional part of New Year celebrations, are used to scare off bad spirits.
LEE TRUNDLE has had a pounds 1million-plus price tag slapped on his head by Swansea in a bid to scare off Premiership interest.
But officials believe the threat of losing a vehicle is enough to scare off would-be street racers - or at least get them to find another city for their races.