scare away

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scare (someone or something) away

1. Literally, to frighten someone or something and cause them to flee. Thankfully, John was able to scare the puma away by shouting and swinging a big stick at it. We've tried to scare the kids away from the old quarry by telling them ghost stories about it.
2. To cause someone or something to depart due to apprehension, displeasure, or uncertainty. The company's CEO has scared investors away with his unpredictable, inflammatory statements. I think his intense desire for a committed relationship may have scared Janet away.
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scare someone or something away (from someone or something)

to frighten someone or something away from someone or something. He put on a gruff exterior to scare everyone away from him. The bear scared away a lot of people from the campground.
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scare away

or scare off
To cause someone or something to leave or to stay away due to fear: The kidnappings have scared tourists away. The farmer put up a scarecrow to scare away the birds.
See also: away, scare
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Peter Skaarup, foreign policy spokesman for the Danish People's Party, said that footage of women sunbathing topless at Danish beaches should be included in tourism videos to scare away immigrants.
Kerry Long, John Huxley and Ryan Lowry, who have been trained in falconry to scare away seagulls in Rhyl (inset)
If an animal is afraid, pulling the hairs up makes the animal look larger and may scare away other animals.
Their most effective method: Using a large monkey called a langur to scare away the smaller ones.
It has also been reported that the airport has strung up nets and tried to scare away pigeons with loudspeakers broadcasting the sounds of owls and other predators, but with little success.
A Doctor Who fanatic has made a Dalek to scare away drunken students from his street.
Pupils from Thornaby hope their latest works of art are enough to scare away the crows.
Q: Are you afraid that you will scare away contractors from other industries that are interested in doing business with the Navajo people?
Jamaican business owners earlier this year shuttered shops to protest rising crime, and tourism officials say they fear the violence could scare away foreign visitors just as the Caribbean tourism industry surges back from a deep slump that followed the Sept.
Song titles include ``Ruff Ruff World,'' ``Sock-A-Holic,'' ``Howling Just to Scare Away the Blues'' and ``M-U-T-T Rap.
The England Under-19 defender needed a four hour operation to repair nerves, tendons and a main artery in his left arm, which were sliced open after he accidentally put his hand through a plate glass window in a bid to scare away the would-be-thieves.
These personal alarms are legitimately made for people who purchase them to scare away would-be attackers.
Police fired bullets in the air to scare away the mob, but it regrouped as soon as the police patrol left.
It will certainly scare away any curious straight visitors.
Rising interest rates increase banks' borrowing costs, scare away potential customers who fear higher rates on loans and create more problem loans for customers already struggling to pay existing debt.