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a scandal sheet

An inexpensive small-format newspaper that focuses on sensationalist or scandalous stories. Don't get your news from scandal sheets—they make up half the crap they put in there! The senator found himself on the cover of a scandal sheet after he was caught leaving a hotel room with someone who wasn't his wife.
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scandal sheet

A tabloid newspaper that primarily prints scandalous or gossipy content. I doubt that actor and actress are actually getting divorced—you can't trust everything you read in the scandal sheet, you know.
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scandal sheet

n. a tabloid newspaper featuring lurid news. I like to read a scandal sheet every now and then.
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Ever since video recording was made more accessible and practical as an indispensable feature of mobile phones and laptops, video scandals have held a firm grip on society's idle chatter and locker-room conversations.
He further remarked ' if reports are true then this scandal should be eradicated.
Talking exclusively to Word Is, the Show Me hitmaker touched on scandals that have followed artistes under the WCB label, including his boss Diamond Platnumz's baby mama drama.
And they were like, 'do any scandal but we need it'.
Scandals with more than five mentions in The New York Times resulted in a 9 percent applicant drop the following year.
Taking to APP at Parliament House, Main Abdul Manan said that agenda of the Public Account Committee (PAC) should be taken after forming a committee for investigations in (LPG) scandal.
In order for a scandal to attract public attention and outrage, there must be an element of rivalry- I am most scandalized by those whom I would like to be.
Chapter 1 reviews research on scandal and spells out some characteristics: the role of the media, the logic of sanction, the way that scandal functions as an "industrial product and institutional practice" (p.
Joyce's preoccupation with scandal dates to his childhood composition of the poem "Et Tu, Healy.
Some scandals become internationally renowned and find their way into history books, like Watergate or the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
According to Freeh's 2012 report, former head football coach Joe Paterno, Spanier and one other Penn State official took steps to cover up the sex abuse scandal.
presents a compelling argument for the church to return to a posture of engagement, "mov[ing] beyond the scandal of sin .
Scandal and Silence: Media Responses to Presidential Misconduct.
Summary: London: Britain's raging meat scandal is set to worsen as the environment ministry on Sunday .
Scandal as a Strategic Ritual of Journalism (Anu Kantola), Pundits and Political Scandals.