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a scandal sheet

An inexpensive small-format newspaper that focuses on sensationalist or scandalous stories. Don't get your news from scandal sheets—they make up half the crap they put in there! The president found himself on the cover of a scandal sheet after he was caught leaving a hotel room with someone who wasn't his wife.
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scandal sheet

A tabloid. I doubt that actor and actress are actually getting divorced—you can't trust everything you read in the scandal sheet, you know.
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scandal sheet

n. a tabloid newspaper featuring lurid news. I like to read a scandal sheet every now and then.
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References in classic literature ?
The occupants, who arrived as the curtain rose on the second act, created a regular scandal by their laughter and their ridiculous observations.
In short, to any one in her position, a scandal would be most detrimental.
But, Angel," she pleaded, enlarging her eyes in calm unconcern upon him, "it was thought of entirely on your account--to set you free without the scandal of the divorce that I thought you would have to get.
He has the most extraordinary nose for smelling out other people's secrets, or anything approaching to scandal.
When once the law is evoked it cannot be stayed again, and this is just one of those cases where, for the credit of the college, it is most essential to avoid scandal.
I will have no one in my house about whom there is any scandal.
Hawley, who were not slow to see a significant relation between this sudden command of money and Bulstrode's desire to stifle the scandal of Raffles.
In a few years the scandal was at an end; there were no female teachers in the Department.
the scandal of this official's family, and against repeated
It would be a scandal, and the universities were becoming severer in their treatment of accredited prep schools.
All that was needful now was to wait till the terror of a public scandal (sustained by occasional letters from her "Friend in the Dark") had its due effect on Mrs.
If we give her in charge to the police, we shall become the subject of a public scandal.
Now, at 4 o'clock, Dorcas overheard her mistress saying angrily: 'You need not think that any fear of publicity, or scandal between husband and wife will deter me.
Month by month, for a year past, conditions in the parish under him had been growing worse and worse; until it seemed that now, turn which way he would, he encountered only wrangling, backbiting, scandal, and jealousy.
He remembered later the scandal over a boy, whom he had taken from the country to bring up, and, in a fit of rage, had so violently beaten that proceedings were brought against him for unlawfully wounding.