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What's the scam?

 and What's the deal?
Sl. What is going on around here? (Often implies that something seems to be wrong.) There's a big rumpus down the hall. What's the scam? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What's the deal? Where's my other five?


1. n. a swindle; a hustle. I lost a fortune in that railroad scam.
2. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. They were scammed by a sweet-talking southern lady who took all their money.
3. in. to seek out and pick up young women, said of males. (Collegiate.) Bob was out scamming last night and ran into Clare.
4. in. to copulate. All you ever want to do is scam.
5. in. to fool around and waste time. Quit scamming and get busy.

What’s the scam?

and What’s the deal?
interrog. What is going on around here?; Explain what is happening or what you are doing. What’s the scam? What’s happening, dude? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What’s the deal? Where’s my other five?
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Next are investment scams, which take pounds 490million from unwitting consumers.
gov/econsumer gives consumers a place to report Internet scams that they believe originated in other countries.
Consumer advocacy groups have tracked research and personal stories of foreclosure equity-stripping scams over the past decade.
Some respondents had believed the scams were from a reputable source and others thought the amounts of money at stake were small enough to risk.
In March, at least 1,300 Internet domains were reported to be redirected to compromised Web servers in pharming scams, according to the SANS Institution, which provides information security training and certification.
n Work at home and business opportunity scams - often work by advertising paid work from home but which require money upfront.
Although much less common than the scam described above, this fraud preys on small businesses with little experience in the import/export trade.
Additionally, investigators should obtain evidence of previous scams through interviews, search warrants, and bank records and search for evidence that promoters knew that the program would not work.
We investigate thousands of scams every year, and we know the tactics that scammers commonly use," said Carrie Hurt, President and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
According to the Federal Trade Commission list of top consumer fraud complaints last year, 10,781 New Yorkers were victims of imposter scams.
The fifth annual scams report highlights that relationship scams cause the most significant emotional and economic harm to victims.
AGE Cymru, the national charity for older people in Wales, is recruiting volunteers from Denbighshire, Conwy and Gwynedd to work for our Scams Awareness Project.
NEWCASTLE City Council has joined forces with the Citizens Advice Bureau to warn people about the dangers of scams this month.
23 ( ANI ): Australians who are caught in online dating scams are more likely to lose money than victims of other cyber frauds.