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scamper along

[for a child or small animal] to run along nimbly. The rabbit scampered along, unaware that a fox was following it. It is time for Timmy to scamper along home.
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scamper away

[for a child or small animal] to run away nimbly. The rabbit scampered away across the lawn. The children scampered away when they heard the teacher coming.
See also: away, scamper
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Summary: A spider has scampered up and down the white robes of Benedict XVI while he delivered a speech in Prague.
Darren Sproles took a hand-off from quarterback Philip Rivers and scampered 22 yards for the winning touchdown.
But Toby's done a runner or been the victim of a dastardly kidnap, but given the season, it's just possible, is it not, that he's scampered off to find somewhere to hibernate for the winter?
1 asked a ballboy to send a request to the team's kit manager, who scampered into the dressing room and returned with a nice sugary coffee.
After a stand of 80 between Mobin (40) and Vivek (35), Stanton went into the final over needing four runs with one wicket left - captain Meb on strike when they scampered a bye off the last ball.
Moments later, the pet scampered outside, with the little unclothed "streaker" in pursuit.
But England's Jason Robinson scampered over from close range for a 50th minute touchdown to put the Sharks 8-7 ahead.
Although the book was not overtly gay, the undercurrents of homoeroticism were unmistakable as the vampires Lestat and Louis scampered about the globe devoting special attentions to their exsanguinations of young men and eventually cohabited in a nontraditional living arrangement that included the child vampire Claudia.
Protesters in Bordeaux, Toulon and Montpellier tooted on hunting horns and followed their dogs, who scampered ahead of the marchers.
How alertly they scampered from formation to formation, their legs literally sparkling along the way; and how attentively their heads and arms remained poised during the variations of soloists Davena Gross and Nicole Epstein or Ostergren and Epstein.
Paleontologists have discovered fossils of cat-sized horses that scampered across northwestern Wyoming about 50 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch.
The next generation of virtual Petz, Dogz II and Catz II, scampered onto computer desktops in 1997.
He saw it coming and scampered out of the way unscathed.