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be out for/after (someone's) scalp

To seek vengeance in an especially hostile or belligerent manner. This phrase is often used hyperbolically, although it can refer to physical violence. Primarily heard in US. I'd avoid the boss if I were you—he's thinks that blunder was your fault, so he's out for your scalp. I got robbed by some punk last night, and now my brother is after the kid's scalp.
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be out for/after somebody's scalp

  (mainly American)
to want to punish someone because you blame them for something bad that has happened The mayor has made one mistake too many and the voters are out for his scalp.
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The hostile disposition of the savages, and their allies, caused General Clark, the commandant at the Falls of the Ohio, immediately to begin an expedition with his own regiment, and the armed force of the country, against Pecaway, the principal town of the Shawanese, on a branch of Great Miami, which he finished with great success, took seventeen scalps, and burnt the town to ashes, with the loss of seventeen men.
In this expedition we took seven prisoners and five scalps, with the loss of only four men, two of whom were accidentally killed by our own army.
Blood had already been shed, and scalps been taken.
They were regaled also with a war-feast at the village; the Osage warriors having returned from a successful foray against the loways, in which they had taken seven scalps.
And that was the contused scalp wound over which I shuddered in the train.
The muscles are there, about the ears and beneath the scalp, and so are the nerves which transmit sensations to the brain, but they are under-developed because they are not needed.
As you saw, I discovered a thorn which had been driven or shot with no great force into the scalp.
This splinter of wood, which I have every reason to believe to be poisoned, was in the man's scalp where you still see the mark; this card, inscribed as you see it, was on the table; and beside it lay this rather curious stone-headed instrument.
In the van, on all fours, is Great Big Little Panther, a brave of so many scalps that in his present position they somewhat impede his progress.
But as if to furnish some offset to this solitary submission to a womanish vanity, they were fearfully fringed, from the gartered knee to the bottom of the moccasin, with the hair of human scalps.
See," he added, pointing with fierce triumph to the frightful ornaments of his leggings, "their scalps are so plenty, that the Pawnees tread on them
A spokeswoman for Walk the Walk said: "Reducing the scalp temperature by a few degrees creates a restriction in the amount of blood reaching the hair follicles, thereby protecting them from the effects of the concentrated chemotherapy drugs carried in the blood stream.
The hairdressers had reportedly convinced the woman that they were using natural products that would not affect her hair, but her hair fell off in huge clumps as she brushed it after being subjected to four hours of chemical torture on her scalp.
A power higher than me was with me," said Scalp Lock at the launch of her personal story, My Name is Shield Woman a hard road to healing, vision, and leadership, at Shelf Life Books on June 19.
While some women fail to produce enough natural oil to moisturize their scalps and strands, many women do not realize that the hair woes they experience are, ironically, due to the steps they take to keep their hair and scalp healthy.