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and scag (skæg)
1. n. a rotten thing or person. Don’t be such a skag. Who do you think you are?
2. n. a very ugly woman. (Collegiate.) What a skag! I wouldn’t be seen with her.
3. n. a tobacco cigarette; a tobacco cigarette butt. (Military.) Can I bum a scag off you?
4. in. to smoke (a tobacco cigarette). He stopped scagging for about a week.
5. n. heroin, especially poor-quality heroin; any powerful drug. (Drugs.) Scag has sent a lot of my friends to the bone orchard.
6. n. hard liquor. The two of them put away a quart of my finest skag.


See skag

skag jones

and scag jones
n. an addiction to heroin. (Drugs. Here jones is a “thing” = craving.) She has a serious skag jones.
See also: jones, skag

scag jones

See also: jones, scag
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Sold at : Scag Power Equipment authorized dealers nationwide from October 2014 through May 2015 for about $4,500.
City officials said the housing allocation required by SCAG would impact everything from water to public safety.
In addition to discussing energy in this year's State of the Region report, SCAG is also developing a new energy chapter in its upcoming Regional Comprehensive Plan.
This will assist SCAG in accessing the current and historical data with minimum processing to
SCAG has now distributed a speeding survey asking residents what speed calming measures they would prefer.
It's the pits,'' said SCAG President Toni Young, who sits on the Port Hueneme City Council and endures a three-hour commute on the Ventura (101) Freeway to meetings in downtown Los Angeles.
As the designated MPO, SCAG is required by the federal government to develop regional plans for transportation, growth management, hazardous waste management, water resources, and air quality.
The data shall be broken down into five (5) time periods: AM Peak (6:00-900), Mid-day (9:00-15:00), PM Peak (15:00-19:00), Evening (19:00-21:00), and Night (21:00-6:00) consistent with the SCAG s travel demand model.
SCAG representative Richard Graham said: "Anyone taking a look under the bridge can see that at least a third of its capacity is blocked by debris.
Southern California is a region with numerous transportation challenges," said Los Angeles City Councilman Hal Bernson, who is also the president of SCAG and the chairman of Metrolink.
Anyone wishing to join SCAG or seeking more information can make contact online via www.
Creating a SCAG sub-region for the Valley will ensure it gets the recognition and acknowledgment it deserves.
Reducing traffic congestion remains one of Southern California's most pressing challenges, and it will only get more difficult to resolve as the region's population continues to grow," said Jon Mikels, SCAG President and San Bernardino County Supervisor.
The SCAG RTP relies on ONT to accommodate this growing regional demand since other airports in the region face restrictions on growth and expansion.
48" Scag SWZ or Equivalent x 1336" Scag SWZ or Equivalent x 12