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scab over

[for a wound] to form a scab. The wound soon scabbed over and the injury was well on its way to healing. I hope this shaving cut scabs over before I have to leave for work.
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scab over

To become covered by a scab: The wound scabbed over and eventually healed.
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mod. cheated in a drug deal; having been sold bogus or inferior drugs. Bart got scabbed by a dealer who got arrested the next day.
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The intimidation of the scabs was not always so easy.
The new contract cuts the number of union jobs from 762 at the time of the lockout to 250 by 1997; gives the company unlimited subcontracting rights; institutes twelve-hour shifts rotating every thirty days, and mandatory overtime without overtime pay; punishes scab harassment with immediate firing; and grants no amnesty to workers fired for union activities.
To control sheep scab it is essential to keep sheep away from all sources of infection, this may seem obvious but possible sources are often missed.
Before applying, gently remove the crusts and scabs by washing them in warm water.
Even before Tyson's attempts to hire scabs, Local 538 had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, charging the company with bargaining in bad faith.
Q MY rabbit's ears have scabs inside and he scratches them all the time.
Even if you were nonunion, if you worked you were considered a scab and the union has a very vindictive attitude to scabs,'' said DeLillo, of San Marcos.
Krysiak, the wet layer is critical because it is the weakest layer in the mold, and failure of the wet layer can produce expansion defects such as scabs, buckles and rat tails.
Scabs may seem gross, but they are just another of the amazing ways that the body protects itself.
Unilux has only demanded more concessions from our members and continues to use scabs to operate the plant," said Steelworkers' Ontario/Atlantic Director Wayne Fraser.
It is only contagious until the scabs have dried and scabbed.
Unlike sheep scab, patches of bare skin are uncommon as the wool tends to regrow and there will also be no sign of scabs on the skin surface.
Threshold comes cheap because they're the only non-union gig in the country; simply put, they're scabs.
CHILDMINDERS have accused a local authority of asking them to be scabs and break the nursery nurses' strike.