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(draw the sword and) throw away the scabbard

old-fashioned To approach or prepare for a conflict or military engagement with no intention of resolving it peacefully. We've seen the effects of having a leader who draws the sword and throws away the scabbard—that's the reason we've been in this war for nearly two decades. It won't benefit anyone if you throw away the scabbard as you head into this legal battle.
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throw away the scabbard

abandon all thought of making peace.
This expression derives from the proverb he who draws his sword against his prince must throw away the scabbard . It implies that the person in question has no choice but to fight
See also: away, scabbard, throw
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Though it's not a requirement, most quality belt scabbards and all quality IWB holsters have a reinforced mouth to make it easy to re-holster your weapon with one hand.
I contacted Ka-Bar to find the availability of a new scabbard and was informed by the customer service representative, Carole Deckman, that a new Kydex sheath would be sent by Ka-Bar at no cost to me.
Part of a medieval leather knife scabbard was also found in a pit that stretched for more than two metres below the present ground level.
Three men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud for asking another man to sell a Japanese sword scabbard owned by a man who was found dead at his home in Utsunomiya last month, police said Friday.
In future we'll be eating alfonsino, Greenland halibut, siki shark, black scabbard, mora and silver roughy.
All of these embellishments t he lacquering, silk thongings, the sword and scabbard and the finely made inlaid metal stirrups told the attacker of the Samurai's power and social position.
Since that first purchase, I've accumulated several of these attractive knife and scabbard sets, and have found them to be not only a flavorful addition to my frontier gear, but each is as practical a belt knife as I have ever used.
Tenders are invited for Electrical Supplies: 1 EA Scabbard,saw,hotstick; 500 Ft Wire,#12,black, Solid,CU,thhn; 500 Ft Wire,#12,white,solid,CU,thhn; 10 EA Tubing,3/4in X 12in,heat Shrink; 300 EA Meter,locking,pin & Cap,SS,replacement; 4 EA Box,ssb,traffic,15k LB Loading,small; 4 EA Cover,SSB,traffic,15k Lb Loading,small; 500 Ft Conduit,1/2in X 10ft,thinwall,galv,emt; 100 EA Strap,2in,conduit,2-piece,galv; 250 Ft Wire,#14 CU Str,3C,yellow or Orange; 18 EA Surge Protector,6 Outlet,6ft Cord,white; 50 EA Extension,1in X 3-1/2ft,anchor Rod; 50 EA Dispenser guy Wire.
Jerry Evans at Haugen Handgun Leather made a couple of classy rigs for the P7; an ostrich-skin shoulder holster with double magazine carrier, and a sharkskin belt scabbard with single magazine pouch.
When the horse and I stopped tumbling and struggled to our feet, my rifle slid from the scabbard.
It was considered unprofessional to fully remove the blade from its scabbard outside of combat.
Addressing the complaint that regular holsters ride too high and place the butt of the gun in a woman's armpit, the Women's Belt Scabbard drops the gun slightly, placing it in a lower, more accessible position for women.
John then ripped the 3ft sword from its ornamental scabbard on the wall, gave an ear-piercing war cry and lunged down the stairs at them "like a mad boar".
Be sure that the opening of the bag is wide enough to go over the scabbard for maximum protection.
A Safariland Model 568 scabbard worked well at the match, and proved handy on the training range.