say to

say (something) to (one)

To speak to someone; to tell someone a word or phrase. Say sorry to your sister! Sorry, did you say something to me?
See also: say

say (something) to (oneself)

To have a specific thought. I know what you're saying to yourself: "This can't be real." Well, I'm sorry to say that it is. I've been saying to myself that we need to invest in a better washing machine.
See also: say

say something to someone

to tell something to someone. He didn't say anything to me. Did someone say something to you?
See also: say

say something to something

to say yes or no to a proposal, request, etc. I hope you will say yes to my proposal. Nothing was said to your request at the last meeting.
See also: say
References in classic literature ?
And if he were a philosopher of the eristic and antagonistic sort, I should say to him: You have my answer, and if I am wrong, your business is to take up the argument and refute me.
I was then in a sad condition indeed, for as there is no great bustle in putting an end to a poor body's family when once they are carried to the grave, so the poor good woman being buried, the parish children she kept were immediately removed by the church-wardens; the school was at an end, and the children of it had no more to do but just stay at home till they were sent somewhere else; and as for what she left, her daughter, a married woman with six or seven children, came and swept it all away at once, and removing the goods, they had no more to say to me than to jest with me, and tell me that the little gentlewoman might set up for herself if she pleased.
They wouldn't have nothink to say to me if I wos to go to a nice innocent place fur to live.
We need to say to a grieving person that the church is here for you.