say (something) to (one)

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say (something) to (one)

To speak to one; to tell one a word or phrase. Say sorry to your sister! Sorry, did you say something to me?
See also: say

say something to someone

to tell something to someone. He didn't say anything to me. Did someone say something to you?
See also: say

say something to something

to say yes or no to a proposal, request, etc. I hope you will say yes to my proposal. Nothing was said to your request at the last meeting.
See also: say
References in classic literature ?
His Mother followed in the crowd and violently beat her breast in sorrow, whereupon the young man said, "I wish to say something to my Mother in her ear.
I asked him to go on and wait for me at the entrance, for I wanted to say something to the nurse.
and I think it possible that I did say something to that effect,--perhaps "You dear woman
And one big black rat, who seemed to want to say something to the Doctor, now crept forward timidly along the rail, watching the dog out of the corner of his eye.
Someone would say something to him and he'd take a chunk out of them like a great white shark.
I wanted to say something to hurt her, and I thought about earlier that summer, Cal and that swamp, some woman whose story nobody would ever get right.
As the driver was about to say something to us, I grabbed my friend and we bolted out of that parking lot, leaving behind the "Wash me pleeeeeease" SUV dude in the dust
After climbing the podium, shaking some hands and even snagging a smooch from some French woman in a power suit, Tony was asked if he'd like to say something to the crowd.
He's a great learner--the kind of guy I have to say something to only once for him to digest it, think about it, figure out if it's going to work for him and apply it," says Moraghan.
I want to say something to them, but I don't want to cause a family rift.
And you need to say something to her about it because maybe she has no clue she upset you.