say against

say something against someone or something

to speak out against someone or something; to make a case against someone or something. I would never say anything against you! No one would say anything against your work.
See also: say
References in classic literature ?
I have already begged you so to conduct yourself in society that even malicious tongues can find nothing to say against you.
I have nothing to say against HIM; he is a most interesting young man; and if he had the fortune he ought to have, I should think you could not do better.
Very creditable; I haven't a word to say against it," Mr.
What then can any one say against being very sensible of the value of such a man, notwithstanding his profession?
Miss Rosy has been singing me a song--you've nothing to say against that, eh, doctor?
Chairman Huw Jenkins hasn't addressed Monk's position in public following the speculation but did write in his Bournemouth programme notes that he thought some media were 'sitting waiting' to have their say against the club as soon as performance levels dipped.
Everything one could say against No Escape would be true -- yet I didn't hate it, and indeed it may not even be as simplistic as its critics claim.
You put that back four together again and like I say against Villa when you play really well like we did, not just defensively but also going forward, and then you get that performance.
The Robins were beaten 47-43 by Belle Vue, who won on aggregate 97-79 - and the Aces, who have hit real form in the closing weeks, may yet have a say against the reigning champions in next week's final.
Pulis said; "I haven't got a bad word to say against any of the lads.
The years may have stolen a yard of pace but the old chant of 'feed the Yak and he will score' still appears as In this instance Yakubu's cameo role was just 20 minutes, long enough to have the final say against 10-man Derby, who had Stephen Warnock sent off for two yellow cards in the first half.
He is very polite and there is not a bad word I can say against 's not a bad word I can say against him.
The Anonymous citizens of Germany, the economic power of the EU, also had something to say against global governance.
We could say against Wasps that Ashley Johnson is a great player, but there are tons of them in this league and we can't be looking at one guy.
He said: "He was funloving and he was just the sort of person who nobody would ever have a bad word to say against.