saw down

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saw down

1. To fell something with a saw. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." I can't believe they sawed down the giant oak tree in the field behind our house. I used to love climbing that thing as a kid! Rebels swarmed the capitol building, sawed the flagpole down, and set the flag of the dictator alight.
2. To use a saw to shorten something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." The gangster sawed down the barrel of the shotgun and concealed it in his trench coat. These lengths of pipe are too long, so we'll need to saw them down.
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see (one) down (to something or some place)

1. To escort or accompany one to a lower level or position. I could tell Mrs. Jenkins was having trouble on the stairs, so I offered to see her down. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
2. To escort or accompany one to some place or thing away from a more central or northerly location. My parents made a point of seeing me down to the train station when I left for college. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
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saw something down

to cut something down with a saw. We are going to have to saw that dead tree down before it falls on the house. I'll saw down the tree.
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O'Hare showed nerves of steel to convert a last gasp free against Mayo which saw Down register their first NFL points last week.
What I saw down there (in New Zealand) I think means almost a quantum change in the way films are made," he remarked last year after visiting the set.
Don't expect to see free-flowing, passing football, but rather a more physical and bruising encounter as we saw down at Carrow Road in December, when the Toon suffered from a sending-off and the back four struggled under a barrage of headed goals from the high-flying Norwich front line in a 4-2 defeat.
Boies was deeply impressed by what he saw down in Dallas.
VANDALS tried to saw down a 20ft Christmas tree in a North Wales town.
Admittedly, they have subtracted from the freedom of a landowner who wants to saw down every pine tree on his lot, but they are protecting the overall image of their town.
Les, who will play Grandad in the show, said: "I saw Down the Dock Road when it was first performed 40 years ago and the humour and its message has stayed with me ever since.
The final quarter saw Down come back strongly and two points each by Conor O'Prey and Paul Braniff and one from substitute Scott Nicholson and a Paul Braniff goal three minutes from time gave Down some hope but Antrim easily held out for victory.
A second Down goal after 20 minutes by Aidan Clarke saw Down lead by 2-6 to 0-8 with McCarthy keeping Limerick in tough with four pointed frees.
Meanwhile a brilliant second half in which they outscored KERRY by 16 points to one saw DOWN retain their NHL position for next year with a 1-23 to 4-5 win in Ballycran yesterday.
Despite the convincing nature of their victory Ross Carr's side were well matched in the opening half until a Stephen Kearney 27th minute goal saw Down pull away at the break.
A goal from the brilliant Paul Braniff seven minutes before half time gave Down the edge and the second half saw Down completely dominate.
A DOMINANT second-half display at Casement Park yesterday and a hat-trick of goals from Martin Coulter saw Down book an Ulster Senior Hurling final date with Antrim next Sunday.