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The ability to act appropriately or handle or respond to any social situation; tact. The phrase is French for "to know how to do." You could learn a lot about how to deal with people by studying the savoir-faire with which she moves around any room.

savoir ˈfaire

(from French, approving) the ability to behave in the appropriate way in certain situations: He was renowned throughout the diplomatic world for his savoir faire.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘know how to do’.
See also: faire, savoir
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Savoir boasts a number of showrooms in the UK and worldwide.
Richard Hall, Savoir Faire, with Richard Mason, Ludgate Finance
Quel est ce << savoir >> qui habite la personne qui consulte ?
Savoir Technology Group provides strategic direction, corporate finance resources, and acquisition expertise for the combined entities.
Although Sedaine had a number of successes during his career, Le Philosophe sans le savoir is the only one of his plays to have endured.
We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in our field," said Christine Dunn, founder and President of Savoir Media.
Le groupe Mabrouk lancera une ville du savoir ', pres de Tunis, a annonce, lundi, le president du groupe, Mohamed Ali Mabrouk, en marge de la conference donne par Mehdi Jomaa a l'Universite Dauphine.
Rabat - Le Maroc a veille a la mise en oeuvre d'une nouvelle generation de politiques fonctionnelles inscrites, en partie, dans le cadre de l'economie du savoir avec ses quatre piliers et qui peuvent constituer la base d'une experience pionniere dans la region, a indique, mardi a Rabat, le ministre de l'Economie et des finances, Nizar Baraka.
Al-Arabi a fait savoir qu'une hausse d'impot serait impose sur six produits, a savoir le ciment, le fer, les communications, les cigarettes et les boissons alcooliques et non alcooliques.
C'est vite aller en besogne que de dire cela, car toute pratique sportive peut avoir des effets benefiques mais aussi entrainer des effets nocifs pour la sante, le tout est de savoir ce qui convient le mieux a chaque organisme sur la base d'un avis eclaire d'un medecin.
for the Centre-du-Quebec region s first ever Savoir Affaires networking activity, an event officially announced today by its organizing committee.
New York, United States, Mar 24, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - (Global Fashion Wire) - Savoir Faire Cosmetics- the most exciting and inspired cosmetics range to come out of Australia partners up with Perth Fashion Week- Western Australia's most powerful fashion brand, ensuring the success of WA's first trade event to be held in April 2012.
Chances are, if you haven't tried to eat the TV screen after watching this sweettoothed documentary then you'll have written down the name Savoir Design to look up later.