saving grace

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saving grace

A redeeming quality of something or someone. The only saving grace about that house is the large eat-in kitchen. Aunt Gertrude's incessant talking can be annoying, but her kindness is her saving grace—I know that she would help us with anything, no questions asked.
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saving grace

Cliché the one thing that saves or redeems someone or something that would otherwise be a total disaster. Her saving grace is that she has a lot of money. The saving grace for the whole evening was the good music played by the band.
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saving grace, a

A redeeming quality, especially one compensating for drawbacks or negative characteristics. For example, She may not be too knowledgeable, but her saving grace is that she doesn't pretend to be . This term, dating from the late 1500s, at first referred to the concept of being saved from eternal damnation, and was used more loosely only from the late 1800s on.
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a saving grace

COMMON A saving grace is a good quality or feature in someone or something that prevents them from being completely bad or worthless. He was bad-tempered and deeply opinionated but he had one saving grace: he assembled one of the greatest private art collections of this century. It's an excellent performance and one of the film's few saving graces.
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a ˌsaving ˈgrace

a quality which prevents somebody/something from being completely bad: She can be difficult at times. Her saving grace is her sense of humour.
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SAVING Grace is a personal/business concierge service started by CEO/Founder Grace Keller.
In addition to school bags, Saving Grace also accepts unused school uniforms.
When they work, they work, and when they don't, there's clearly no saving grace.
And that may be a saving grace for the property/casualty industry.
The saving grace of the content-deprived Free Radicals might well have been the quality of the dancers and the energy of their performances: Murphy certainly gives them a fair amount of Dionysiac stomping about to the supposedly pulse-raising percussive beat.
Save" campaign is a partnership between the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD), UAE Red Crescent Authority's Saving Grace and Quattro Group's Mocha cafes and restaurants.
Ponting's saving grace is the lack of any credible replacements.
I don''t think there could be a clearer demonstration of the contempt our MPs have for public opinion, and the only saving grace is that the feeling is mutual.
Ironically, 44-year-old Tatum - the son of Hollywood tough guy actor Ryan O'Neal - has just finished making a telly movie called Saving Grace, in which she plays a crackpot who is released from an asylum.
Saving Grace raises many questions about teen parenting and paints an intensely sharp picture of the problems faced by kids who have kids.
The only saving grace was that England did not use this money to go on a spending spree but to subsidise her domestic lifestyle.
Perhaps the only saving grace is the fact that the sides below the Blues are playing worse.
The saving grace is the brilliant power steering which is both direct and sensitive.
Cragg is the greatest sculptor of the power of desire since Eva Hesse, who missed (unlike Cragg) its unexpected humor--how much desire can laugh at itself, realizing its own absurdity, which is its saving grace.